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[Chapter 8]

For the two weeks, Landon and Madison spend their lives with each other, but of course when Landon isnít practicing and when Madison isnít working with the Earthquakes. Time seems to fly and Landon and Madison are finally connecting, being open and honest with each other, and getting to know each other for who they are. But Madisonís uneasiness has kept her mind busy. Her flight back to Massachusetts is five days away.

ďNeed help packing,Ē asks Landon.

ďNo, not really. Almost done though,Ē says Madison, ďCan we talk?Ē

ďMadison, we can always talk. You donít have to ask,Ē smiles Landon.

ďWhatís going to happen? I mean Iím leaving in a few days,Ē asks a concerned Madison.

ďWith us?Ē asks Landon.

ďWell yeah. Weíve connected even more over the summer. I feel so close to you. But Iím leaving in a few days to continue my life at Umass. I guess what Iím trying to say is, long distance relationships are hard and I will feel extremely bad for putting you in a position where youíre kind of obligated, wrong word, but you know what I mean, to this relationship. I donít want to lose our friendship, but our life goes on. Youíre friendship is very important to me and I donít want you missing out on life. Iím in the east coast and youíre in the west coast. We wonít be spending much time together after school breaks,Ē says Madison.

ďI would be lying if I said that I didnít think about what you were just saying. You are a strong person, we are both stronger people when we are together, and knowing that Iím with you is more than enough. We are connected, in our minds and in our heart. You are the only one who understands me, puts up with my crazy habits. Donít assume that Iíll be missing out on life because of the long distance relationship. Iíll be missing out on a great girl, if we go our separate ways,Ē smiles Landon, as Madison becomes all teary-eyed.

ďThatís more than what I wanted to know. Iím falling in love with you Landon and I donít want things to end and this long distance relationship will work,Ē says a teary-eyed Madison.

Dear Diary,

Iím leaving Redlands. Iíve had the best summer in a long time. Iíve never felt so stable, so settled down in my entire life. Iím entering my sophomore year of college and Iíve never been so optimistic and positive about the future. Landon has taught me a lot about myself that I didnít know. Iíve also gotten to know him better, now that heís all grown up. I will never forget the memories we shared when we were little, but I will also treasure the memories weíve had together this past summer. I love Landon, in that we have a normal relationship. I can talk to him about anything. We have our conflicts, but we always work things out. We just connect so well. Not to mention heís a good kisser, but thatís not the only reason. For the past few days, Landon and I have been talking about us, about me, about Landon. Weíve hung out with the team, his friends, and family. Itís been great, to have that stability, that Iíve never experienced since leaving Redlands. My flight leaves tomorrow.


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