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[Chapter 9]

Landon and Madison spend their last few hours at the airport. Both are reminiscing this past summer and how things have changed.

Intercom—“Flight 925 for Bradley International Airport is accepting passengers with tickets.”

“Well, that’s me,” says Madison.

“Here,” says Landon as he hands her a small box, “Open it when you’re on board.”

“Thanks. This is kind of a coincidence because I have a little present for you,” smiles Madison, “Open it… Well, you’ll know when to open it.”

“Have fun at Umass, keep in touch, you know my email and my number,” says Landon as he hugs Madison.

“I will and if you’re in town, drop by. Well, I have to go, bye,” says Madison as tears come down her eyes.

“Bye Madison,” says Landon as he kisses Madison for the last time this summer.

Madison heads to the plane before waving goodbye to Landon. Quickly, she finds her seat, anxious to open her present.

“Landon didn’t have to do this,” thinks Madison as tears come down her face, “I miss him already.”

Madison opens the present only to find a note and another wrapped object. The note reads:

“Hey Madison, I know five seconds into your flight, you’re going to be reading this message. I just wanted to thank you for completing my heart. All this time, my goal was to be the best in the world at soccer. You’ve made me realize that although my world is soccer, there is more to me than the sport and that I can share it with someone. We’ve had our share of fun times together--- talking, at Disneyland, and chilling with the Earthquakes. I’m just going to be upfront. I’m going to miss you like crazy, but we have our own lives that we must get back to. I look forward to getting to know you even better, especially through our late night conversations when I visit you at Umass. Take care. Love, Landon.”

Dear Diary,

Landon wrote me the sweetest letter ever. It was short and sweet. I still have the letter, it’s in the back of the framing of our picture in my room. Well I’ve been back at Umass for two weeks. Things are going very well. I feel like a stronger person, now that I’m able to be more honest with myself and talk to others after my time with Landon over the summer. Nothing has been able to wipe that smile off my face. Till this day, Landon and I write emails and we talk on the phone every two weeks. So I’m expecting a phone call from him soon. Anyways, after the letter, well, I opened the present when I arrived at my dorm room. It was an anklet with the letter "L" to go with my letter "T" that my mom got me. I wear both anklets all the time. It’s something I will always treasure. As for my present for Landon, he knows when to open it and we’ll discover what I gave him.


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