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[Chapter 6]

--Same Day--

Landon walks our on Madison as the two talk about love for the first time. It’s 10pm and Madison is pacing back and forth in the apartment.

“Where is Landon? Oh screw this, I’m going to look for him,” says Madison as she runs out the door.

Where is Landon? That’s tonight’s question. There are two things important to Landon, his family and friends, and soccer. All he wants to do is enjoy what he’s doing and enjoy it with the people he cares about. And everything starts at a root before it branches off to something big. Knowing Landon too well, Madison heads to the Red field, where the trees turn red in the fall season. The Red Field is where it all started for Landon and Madison. It’s the field where the both kicked a soccer ball for the first time; it’s the field where Landon and Madison played in their first game. It’s also the field where Landon scores his first goal. Any way, Madison arrives at the field to find Landon lying on the center circle looking at the night sky.

“It’s a clear night, like you can see the stars and the moon. Did you make a wish?” says Madison as she approaches Landon and lies next to him.

“I always do. Remember when we were little, we wished to play pro soccer on the same team. We wished to play forwards and score a ton of goals,” reminisces Landon.

“Those were the good old days. I always remember our last wish. That I would always return to Redlands,” says Madison.

“You’re here. I think that wish worked its magic. Make a wish,” says Landon.

Madison closes her eyes, takes a deep breath and makes a wish.

“Done,” says Madison, “How often do you come here?”

“I haven’t stepped foot here since we were last here, when we were nine. I’ve passed by every now and then, but it’s not the same without you here,” says Landon.

“Yeah I know what you mean. This is real fun. Look at all the stars in the sky. Do you see the North Star?” asks Madison.

“It’s right there,” points Landon, “The North Star, I remember telling you that it always takes you home. Following it is like following your heart. It leads you where you want to go.”

“Remember when we were separated in the woods at camp?” asks Madison.

“Yeah, we wanted to go to the river, but we got our signals crossed when I left the boys at baseball and you left the girls doing arts and crafts. But we got lost instead,” laughs Landon, “We found our way back to each other.”

“Yeah we found our way,” says Madison as she sits up.

“What’s wrong?” says Landon as he sits up.

“Nothing. It’s perfect. You, me, like old times, under the stars, making a wish, finding the north star, and of course talking, and…” says Madison as Landon interrupts her to give her a kiss.

Dear Diary,

I’m speechless. Last night was the best. Landon and I kind of chilled like old times only this time we kissed. It was so magical and perfect. The skies were clear, and we weren’t fighting. Things just worked out. Any ways, after Landon kissed me, we lied back down on the field. The two of us fell asleep on the field. It was a warm night, and Landon had his arm around me. When we woke up, a bunch of kids were around us. It was really, um… funny. It was 8am and the Redland Rapids, the kiddie team, had to practice. They were quite cool, like ok, that we slept on the field. That was because they recognized Landon. So we stayed there for an hour and played soccer. Landon’s so good with kids, showing them a thing or two about scoring and signing their teeshirts. He’ll be a good father one day. At the end of the hour, we played a pick-up game with the 9 year olds. Things were just so perfect that I wish it would stay like this forever. But I know that we will both be brought back to reality and face our separate lives, if not tomorrow, soon...


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