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[Chapter 7]

Reality finally set in. Madison has 25 days left in Redlands before she heads back to Massachusetts. Although they spend their days with the Earthquakes, Madison and Landon still have time for each other. They have been hanging out for the past few days, talking, kissing, and cuddling… Although they try to be discreet about their relationship, Landon’s teammates already know the obvious; many teammates saying, “It’s about time!” However, the public is more, lets say, jealous of Madison, often times referring her as the girl going out with the hottest guy in soccer, or just a slut going after the hottest guy in soccer. But the taunts by fans aren’t getting to Madison. It’s the fact that Madison will be staying in Redlands for a couple more weeks before she goes back to her regular life. After their game against the D.C. United, Landon and Madison head back to his apartment. The two are lying down on the couch talking.

“I know what you’re thinking. Something has gotten you bummed out,” says Landon.

“Oh really? What’s wrong with Madison?” asks Madison as she smiles.

“Well, you’re going to be here for like a few more weeks, and then I’m going to miss you like crazy,” answers Landon.

“Yeah. You better come and visit me,” says Madison.

“Of course. I’ll be there when we play the Revolution. But I’ll be there during your breaks. Wouldn’t want to be a distraction while you’re studying” laughs Landon.

“You’re never a distraction. I could bring you in for show and tell, or I can keep you to myself,” smiles Madison, “I just want you to get to know me where I live. I know that I’m here on holidays, but other than that, I’m usually somewhere around the world.”

“Everything will work out Madison. Things happen for a reason,” reminds Landon, “I’m falling for you now that will never change.”

“I know, I know,” says Madison.

“Lets just have fun for these few weeks,” smiles Landon.

Dear Diary,

I miss Massachusetts. The cool, fresh air, different atmosphere. But I’ll miss Landon. We’ve gotten so close this summer. After we had our talk, Landon took me to Disneyland, where we just hung out, went on water rides, roller coaster, walked around. Some girls recognized Landon. I guess I’m not really use to that. I mean it’s just Landon, big deal. I probably have to get use to that. Afterwards, I dressed Landon up like I would with a doll. We wanted to leave the park, but couldn’t because there were fans of Landon everywhere. It was getting late and Landon had a big game tomorrow against the Galaxy. So, I bought him a long blonde wig, a stick on mustache, and Mickey Mouse ears. But then, girls recognized me! I didn’t think I was that known, but apparently, I am now Landon Donovan’s girlfriend. Landon laughed so hard, because it was his turn to dress me up. So, he bought me a Peter Pan outfit and I put my hair up in a bun underneath that hat. I had to wear tights!! Green tights!!! We both looked so tacky that we had to take a picture of ourselves. But before we left, Landon took me to a castle. It was real sweet. I thought I was going to meet Cinderella and Prince Charming. Instead, Landon like disappeared and I met Cinderella, but in plain clothes. Weird, but she gave me her dress and afterwards, out came Landon, in a tux. It was fun, sort of like make believe, like in the stories our parents use to read to us. We had dinner and talked, it was so surreal and romantic! I’m so bad at explaining things, so you just had to be there to feel the magic.


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