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[Chapter 11]

“Where were you last Friday Madison?” asks Carey.

“Oh yeah. I forgot, sorry,” says Madison, “I was up doing a paper for class and I lost track of time and Landon called…”

“You always forget Madison,” says Carey.

“Landon’s coming to visit. The Earthquakes are playing the Revolution and he wants me and my friends to come and watch. Actually, I wanted all of you to meet him. I want him to see get to know me in my environment and I want you all to know why Landon means so much to me. I’m sorry that I’m distant. I’ve never been in love with a guy before. I guess I never know how to act sometimes. I just want to thank you for caring about me to be concerned. I’ll make an effort to hang with you guys,” says Madison.

“Ok, call Lindz, Brian, Mike, Eric, and Carly. We’ll all go,” says Carey.

“You’re the best Carey,” says Madison.

---At the game---

Madison and her friends drive to Foxboro Stadium to meet up with Landon. He’s hooked them up with front row tickets to the game.

“Landon!!!” screams Madison, as she runs towards him.

“Hey Madison,” smiles Landon as he gives her a hug.

“Landon, this is Lindsey, Eric, Mike, Brian, Carey, and Carly. Guys this is Landon,” says Madison.

“Hey” says everyone.

“Well, I got you guys front row tickets. We’re about to go warm up. If you want to come in now and meet some of the players,” says Landon.

“Cool,” says everyone.

“Thanks for doing this,” says Carey.

“No problem. Hey Eric, what’s up with the Revolution jacket?” asks Landon.

“I intern for them. I’ve got to go check in with management, so I won’t be able to watch the game with you guys,” says Eric.

“Cool, sounds like a fun job,” says Landon.

“It is. Soccer and spending money that’s not mine,” laughs Eric.

“Yeah definitely,” says Landon.

“So Landon, how long will you be here?” asks Carey.

“This weekend. Then I’ve got a game against the Crew,” says Landon, “We should all be headed in now. See that guy waving, that’s Cannon. We should head inside. I’ve got to warm up.”

“I miss you,” whispers Madison in Landon’s ear.

“Me too,” says Landon.

Dear Diary,

Landon visited me! I was so excited. We talked a bit; it was fun watching him game. He scored two goals!! My friends were great. All of them were having fun. Of course, there’s Eric, who’s with the Revolution. Revolution=home soccer team. Landon: Earthquakes. So I didn’t know who I was rooting for. The guys got to meet several people from the Revolution and Earthquakes, including Taylor Twellman, Adin Brown, Cannon, Jon, and Ariel. It was fun. Carly and Lindsey were hiding on the guys. It was funny. Carey and Mike were shacking up in the stands. It was great. This all reminds me of why I’m friends with them. We’re so down to earth, nothing we do surprises each other. We just go with the flow.


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