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[Chapter 12]

Two weeks after Landon’s visit to Massachusetts. Madison is still the same Madison, the girl who rarely spends time with her friends. Anyways, Madison is expecting a phone call from Landon today.

*Ring Ring*

“Hello,” says Madison.

“Hey Madison,” says Landon, “How’s it going?”

“Ok, I guess,” says Madison.

“Ok? You guess? What’s going on?” asks Landon.

“Well, Carey has been whiny. Well mainly Carey. But my friends are mad that I don’t hang out with them much and that they say all I do is wait for you to call, but that’s not entirely true. I’m studying real hard because I want to do good in school. Carey just can’t accept the fact that I’ve changed a little, but for the better,” says Madison.

“I don’t know what to say. Isn’t Carey your best friend?” says Landon.

“Yeah. But I feel like she doesn’t know me anymore,” says Madison.

“She doesn’t know you, or do you not realize that she hasn’t changed? Madison, she’s your best friend. You don’t come across a best friend everyday. You’re my best friend, but we have been distant for the past like ten years. We’re just finding our way back to each other, but it’s hard, well since we’re at each end of the country,” says Landon.

“I guess. But she doesn’t realize how happy I am,” says Madison.

“She doesn’t realize or you haven’t told her much about me? I remember her look when I came to Foxboro. She had no clue that we both mean a lot to each other. Do you think she feels left out?” asks Landon.

“I don’t want to argue Landon. I know where this is going. Can we talk about something else?” asks Madison.

“Well. I’m calling tonight because… I’m calling because…” says Landon.

“Because what?” interrupts Madison.

“You know I want the best for you, Madison. I remember over the summer that you wanted me to visit you so I can get to know you and how you’ve grown. I just feel like you’re a different person. I just want you to be happy and live college life for what it’s worth, if that makes sense. I won’t be going to college for a long time. You’re pretty lucky to have a close group of friends who support you,” says Landon.

“What’s wrong?” asks Madison.

“Nothing is wrong, just bad timing. Madison. Things are going too fast, even though we are apart. Our lives are more different than we thought. I want you to be happy and enjoy life for what it’s worth. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. Gosh, this is so hard. Madison, I think we should take a break… from this relationship,” says Landon.

“That’s it? A break?” asks Madison, as tears come down her eyes.

“Yes. I think it would be the best for the both of us. We’re still connected, Madison. It’s just not the right timing. You have so much going for you. I just hope this is the right thing for the both of us. I know it is,” says Landon.

Madison says nothing, as she is about to cry.

“Madison are you still there?” asks Landon.

Madison hangs up the phone as she lies down and begins to cry. Meanwhile, Landon ponders whether letting Madison go is the right thing to do.

“We both have our own lives. It’s just too separate to try and make things worth. We’re both missing out on life, but at the same time, we’ve been blessed with opportunities that we must take advantage of. A relationship right now is just bad timing,” says Landon.

Dear Diary,

Ok, Landon took me by surprise. I just don’t understand. I don’t know what about me caused him to do that. Right after Landon called, Mike came over and saw me bummed. He was the first to find out about Landon and me. It was nice having someone there, but I still don’t know why I deserved someone to be there for me. I’ve been an ass towards Mike all year. This was the first time we had ever talked. I don’t know whether to feel sad about the break up or angry with Landon for what he did.


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