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[Chapter 13]

Danika couldn't control all her tears while she raced to the hospital. Horrible thoughts filled her head as she reminded herself that Landon wasn't even talking to her and if something would happen to him, she would never get a chance to say good-bye. She couldn't see the road because of the tears which made it hard for her to drive but she was determined to get to the hospital safely so she could be with Landon.

When Danika arrived at the hospital, she spotted Donna, Landon's Mom, sobbing heavily with her hands cupped over her lonesome face. Danika felt horrible for Donna. She quickly embraced Donna with a giving hug and they sobbed together like they were the best of friends.

"Donna what is going on?" Danika finally managed to ask through the tears. Donna sighed, she didn't know what to tell the poor girl. She knew how much Danika loved Landon and there was no reason to hold back anything yet she decided not to reveal the horrible secret.

"Honey, as a mother of a very sick boy, I cannot tell you. I feel it is Landon's responsibility and I don't feel like I should be saying anything, I'm sorry!" Donna responded, as she ran her fingers through her own hair. Danika sighed, this was no time to argue and she had the hope that Landon would be well enough to tell her himself.

"Donna, I don't know what I will do if something happens to Landon." Danika screamed as those never ending tears raced down her cheeks.

Donna began to protest, there was no way Danika could blame herself for this. "No, no, and no Danika! This wasn't your fault. He had a heart-attack because of his heart not because of you." She explained as she held onto Donna's trembling hands.

"I wasn't there for him, I am a horrible girlfriend.." Danika continued to blame herself. She couldn't help it... she felt that if she would have talked to Landon more, maybe this would never have happened. Danika began to pace around the small room with her heartbeat increasing with every step she took. Where's the damn doctor? She asked herself as she pictured Landon laying in that cold, dark, disgusting room. He wouldn't be able to handle it. The happy-go-lucky Landon could never stand being alone. She wished she was there with him. She wanted to hold him and to tell him that everything would be all right.

Finally, the doctor appeared with a blank expression on his face.

"Oh Kyle, how's my baby?" Donna cried as she held on to his shirt. Kyle was Landon's doctor ever since Landon was a little boy. Donna and Kyle had become so close and he told her everything that concerned Landon's health, good or bad but this time he didn't want to say anything.

"Well, like you already know, he had a heart-attack. Now he's currently in critical condition and being taken good care of. I know Landon like I know my own children Donna and I have all hope for him. I think he's going to make it." The doctor smiled as he wrapped his healing arms around Donna.

"Oh thank God, thank you lord!" Danika screamed in happiness as all the tension was relieved. She would finally get to be with Landon and this would all be over. Kyle sighed heavily as he thought about the bad news to come but he wanted to be 100% sure before saying anything because he knew it would break Donna's heart.

"Doctor, when can we see him?" Danika asked.

"As soon as he gets better. I don't want him disturbed at all. I will give you a call when Landon is better, I promise." Kyle smiled while he made eye contact with Danika. With disappointment, she gave him an understanding smile. At least she could see Landon again, that was all that she ever needed in her life.

"Kyle can I talk to you?" Donna asked as she led Kyle away. Even though Kyle promised a recovery, she knew this was far from over.

Danika sat impatiently in her chair in the hospital. Three days had passed and Landon was not out of critical care yet. She began to lose hope but she knew that God wouldn't take a wonderful person off this earth. She had only been home once since the heart attack and everyone was worried about him.

"Danika, go home please. Get some rest. I'll call you as soon as anything changes." Donna offered as she looked at Danika. She was a real mess. She looked like she hadn't slept for over a month but Donna was used to that look because she often had to stay at the hospital for weeks to be with Landon.

"No, no way Donna. I have to be here when he's better, Donna I need him so much. Without him, my life is missing an angel!" Danika began to cry once again. She was used to crying over Landon but he was worth every tear.

"Guys, Landon's not in critical condition anymore, he's awake, you can go and see him." Kyle came in and announced the good news. Danika and Donna jumped in happiness as they exchanged hugs. They raced to Landon's room which was close by and when they walked in, Danika was shocked with fear. So many tubes, machines, and wires. While she was in the hospital, she thought she had it rough. She put her hand over her mouth to express her shock as she came next to his bed. He was wide awake, starring at Danika. He had a happy glare in his eyes that immediately put a smile on Danika's face.

"D-Don't cry baby." Landon whispered as he began to admire the girl standing beside him. Through everything, she was still there, always by his side.

"I'm crying because I'm so happy you're better!" Danika replied as she smiled at him, the smile Landon loved so much. He winked at her and looked over to the door and saw his mother crying so hard, she was shaking.

"Hi Mom." Landon greeted her as she raced to his bed. She took his hand and held it in her hands. His hand was freezing.

"Mom, don't cry, pleaseā€¦ come on you guys. I'm here with you." Landon replied as he smiled at both of them. There stood the two women that mattered most in his life.

"Mom, can I please speak to Danika alone?" Landon asked.

"Sure..." She replied as she left the room. She knew that Landon was about to tell Danika the horrible childhood he had.

"Baby, I need to tell you what's really wrong with me, it's only fair. But you got to promise me one thing.."

"Anything Landon."

"Promise me you won't leave me or get mad at me.." He had asked her this promise because he knew that when she heard she might get scared and leave him, the thing he feared most.

"I would never, ever leave you Landon. You are my everything"

"Okay, well I have a heart condition called cardiomyopathy, it's where my blood clots often, leaving me these heart-attacks. I've been pretty normal up to age 12, when I found out. See, that's the funny part of this all that I led a perfectly healthy life until I turned 12 and I have been having heart attacks ever since and miracles save me, I don't know how I am still alive. And the medicine they give me doesn't work for me." Landon explained sadly, afraid of Danika's reaction.

Danika froze, he was so healthy and perfect, million questions raced through her mind but her thoughts were interrupted as Kyle and Donna walked in the room. Donna looked like she had just seen a ghost and Kyle looked like he was about to cry.

"W-What's wrong Mom?" Landon asked concerned. Nothing bad could be happening, he was fine once again.

Donna looked over at Danika and Landon, she didn't know how else to say this. It hit her like a bullet through her chest but she finally admitted with heavy tears, " Landon, you are going to need a heart transplant to live!"

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