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[Chapter 14]

Landon was speechless. He knew he was sick and he knew that one day this will happen but he never accepted it to be so soon. He looked over at Danika, she wasn't the same girl that stood before him anymore. She was a pale, worried girl who wanted to cry but no tears came out. He shook his head in shame, What have I done? I have only caused pain he thought to himself. Then he looked over at his precious mother who was still in tears, her hands trembling with every tear she cried.

"So what does that mean?" Danika finally asked, breaking the long moment of silence.

"Well, this means that Landon needs a donor to get him a new heart in order to live." The doctor began. Danika just couldn't take in the words that Landon has to depend on someone else to live. He didn't deserve any of this.

"What are the chances of me surviving this?" Landon asked sadly. He didn't want to think about death but that's all he could think about.

"Well, many of these procedures have been done successfully, yet unfortunately many have not. And I've put you on the list already and let's just pray it will be soon."

"Donor list? So are you saying he might not get a heart? How could that be?" Danika asked in rage.

"Yes, unfortunately that is possible. There are a lot of people on the list before Landon, but let's not think of the negative." The doctor suggested as he tried to cheer everyone up. He felt horrible for the family, they were all so kind and always cheerful.

"So you're basically saying I'm going to die before I get the heart." Landon replied as tears starting forming in his eyes. He didn't want to die, he was only 18. He wanted to spend all his life with Danika.

"I-I can't listen to this!" Danika cried as she ran out of the hospital room. She didn't want to hear anything that was being said… she just wanted to live her life the way it used to be. As she sat on chair, dripping wet with tears, she felt a soft hand on her shoulder.

"Honey, are you all right?" It was Donna. She sat next to Danika and immediately felt her pain.

Danika shook her head, "No I'm not Donna, not at all. I can't do this. He means everything to me and I just can't think about horrible thoughts like… death. " She said quietly.

"Danika, Landon needs you now more than ever. I can't give him the kind of love that only you can. He loves you so much and I promise we'll get through this. I promise.." Donna's voice trailed off as she hugged Danika tightly.

Danika didn't visit Landon that much anymore, it hurt too much. She couldn't stand it, the fact that he was in that hospital, possibly dying. She knew she couldn't think that way but somehow that's all she thought about. She missed him like crazy, she saw him every night in her dreams. It was 3 days before the prom and she had no intentions on going. School wasn't important to her anymore, she ignored her friends, her teachers and her family. She was slowly drifting away from her life that she enjoyed so much.

"Mom, why doesn't she visit me anymore?" Landon asked Donna as they walked outside together. Landon was much better and was getting out of the hospital the next day. But the doctor had told him that he could get a heart attack any day and it would be the final one because his heart wasn't strong enough. Each day he prayed for a new heart but it was useless, no one could help him. There was no point of living if Danika wasn't in his life.

"Landon, she does, she's just scared. She loves you so much. Give her time sweetheart, she'll come through. By the way isn't prom soon?"

"Yeah.." Landon replied sadly. He wanted to go to the prom but he knew Danika wouldn't want to go with him. Even though his mother said she cared, he knew she didn't anymore.

"So why don't you ask Danika... it will be good for you two." Donna replied as she looked at the beautiful nature around her. Landon shrugged at her comment and continued walking.

* The Next Day *

"Do you like my dress?" Davina asked Danika as she twirled around the room. She had on a beautiful dress that she had bought for the prom.

"Yeah." Landon replied sadly. Tears began to form in her eyes. She knew Landon would be getting out of the hospital today and she wasn't there for him.

"Hey what's wrong?" Davina asked as she sat next to her best friend. She felt so sorry for her, she was going through so much pain that she kept inside.

"Davina, he's getting out of the hospital today and I'm not there with him. I haven't been there for him at all. What kind of a person am I?"

"Oh Danika, you're a wonderful person, you're just confused that's all." Davina replied.

"Honey, there's someone here to see you." Landon heard her mother call. Danika looked in the mirror…red eyes and tears all over, her hair was a mess, she was a mess but she didn't care. Whoever it was, she didn't care at all. She walked downstairs and she froze as she saw Landon standing in the doorway.

"Oh my God." Danika said as she immediately felt shame towards herself. He probably hated her. Landon walked towards her and stopped when he was face to face with the girl that stole his heart.

"Baby, will you go to the prom with me?" Landon finally asked, now it was all up to Danika to make the decision.

"...I wouldn't miss it for the world." Danika replied with a big smile on her face. Landon smiled back and moved in closer for a kiss, the kiss he yearned for a long time.

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