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[Chapter 11]

Danika's heart shattered into million pieces as she watched Landon kiss Riley. She wanted to scream but no words came out. She was lost in her own pain. She thought Landon was the one for her but things were too good to be true. She thought she found that special person to fulfill her happiness, but she was wrong.

"How could you Landon?" She cried. She didn't want to even look at him any more; he broke her heart when he meant everything to her.

"Danika, this was an accident I swear!" Landon pleaded for her understanding but all he got was a stare of sadness. Danika shook her head repeatedly, not listening to anything that was being said. She quickly ran out the door, through the partying crowd not looking back at the man she thought was the one. Landon was about to run after her when Riley said, " Landon, don't chase after something that wasn't meant to be!"

"Riley, she is the one for me and I am going to get her back no matter what!" Landon replied, missing Danika already. Riley rolled her eyes, she was satisfied, and there was no way Danika would take Landon back.

"Whatever, look me in my eyes and tell me you felt nothing when you kissed me."

Landon looked deeply into Riley's eyes and answered, "I felt nothing," with such confidence. He ran out of the room, hoping that he would still be able to catch up to Danika. Where would she be? He asked himself as he roamed the streets alone. It was dark and chilly outside and he was worried about Danika. Horrible thoughts filled his mind as he remembered those tears that Danika cried. I made her cry… he blamed himself but then it hit him. Maybe it is for the best that we broke up because then she won't fall in love with me… he thought to himself as tears began to slide down his cheeks. He looked around and found himself wondering at the same beach, him and Danika shared their first kiss. He sighed heavily as he continued walking. He missed her so much; his precious angel, his missing piece of his heart, his everything. The silent night sent chills down Landon's spine as he stared into the moonlight. He continued walking when he heard loud sobs ahead of him. He ran ahead and found what he had been looking for, Danika. She was sitting on the cold sand, her arms wrapped around her knees, her head resting on her knees. She was crying and as soon as Landon heard her cries, his heart nearly broke in two pieces.

"Go away!" She screamed when she first saw him. She thought she hated him but she knew that she could never hate him.

"I can't Danika, I'm here to stay." He replied as he sat down next to her. She moved away. "Danika what you saw today was an accident, I was set up. They invited us both to the party so that Riley could kiss me and you would see, it's all been planned Danika, can't you see? I have no feelings for Riley!" Landon cried, hoping Danika would believe him.

"But why would you kiss her Landon?" Danika asked as she looked at him. She could tell he was in pain, Good so now he knows how I feel… she thought to herself.

"She asked, I felt bad for her but that doesn't matter because when I kissed her, I felt nothing… I was thinking about you the whole time Danika, you have to believe me!" He pleaded.

"How could I Landon? I just can't believe that you're mine, I mean you're too good to be true that's why I don't believe in anything…"

"I'm not too good to be true Danika, can't you see we are meant to be! I don't care about Riley or any other girl, you are the one that holds the key to my heart." Landon said as he held her hands in his.

"Oh Landon!" Danika cried as she wrapped her hands around his neck. She held on tightly because she never wanted to let go. Landon smiled because he held the right girl.

"Now I want to kiss that one girl that I actually have feelings for." Landon said as Danika laughed. He kissed her passionately as he ran his hands through her hair. He missed the touch of her soft hair and that feeling was finally back.

"Landon, I- I love you." Danika said proudly with a smile on her face. Those three words hit Landon like a bullet through his chest. He never wanted to hear those words from Danika. His breathing increased as tears ran down his cheeks once again, he was lost in confusion and sadness…

"Danika I-I have to go, I'm sorry!" He cried as he ran as fast as he could… away from Danika, away from love.


Next Day ..

"Davina, I feel so empty without him. I don't understand what's wrong with him!" Danika cried to her friend. She cried herself to sleep the other night, wondering if she would ever see Landon again. She was left speechless after he ran away.

"Maybe he's scared of commitment, who knows, give him time." Davina replied as she watched Danika repeatedly dial Landon's number.

"He's avoiding me Davina!! I love him so much and it won't matter if he doesn't tell me he loves me, I can feel that he does." Danika cried, she was getting used to the tears but crying over Landon was necessary.


Landon looked at his caller ID, and the same number kept coming up. He knew he wasn't fair to Danika but he didn't want her to get hurt. If she ever found out she would be heartbroken once again and he didn't want to put her through it again. You're doing the right thing Landon he said to himself but deep down, everything felt so wrong, it felt like he wasn't doing the right thing at all.

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