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[Chapter 12]

"Landon, sweet heart, what is going on between you and Danika?" Mrs. Donovan had asked Landon, hoping that she would lead him to make the right decision. She had spoken to Danika many times before and she seemed like a sweet girl and she made Landon happy, which was the main thing.

"Nothing." He mumbled, hoping to get off the subject. He missed Danika so much. He thought about her day and night. Her perfect face was in his mind all the time.

"Oh come on Landon, I know something is wrong because Danika begged me to get some sense into you!" His mother said with concern. Landon sighed and continued to ignore what his mother was saying.

"You know Landon, girls like that only come once in a lifetime, so you better appreciate it and not feel sorry for yourself all day. If you don't love her, then say so! Don't ignore her. You're being unfair!" She screamed as she walked back to the kitchen. She shook her head in shame, how could Landon stand by and watch the girl of his dreams slip away from him.

"But I do love her Mom, I love her more then anything in this world!" Landon called as a tear began to form in his eyes. Mrs. Donovan dropped the spoon and ran back to the living room, "Oh, sweet heart…" She said as she wrapped her arms around her son. He felt so helpless, so weak. She knew she had to get Danika back into his life.

"If you love her Landon, follow your heart and don't ignore her."

Landon nodded his head, he knew what he had to do but he was afraid that if Danika found out, she wouldn't want to get involved. The thought of Danika leaving him was horrible; he couldn't go through that.

"I'm afraid she won't love me, if you know… she finds out about me." Landon sadly replied, playing with the remote control.

"Landon, let love find the way. She will do what's necessary. In the meantime, don't be afraid to find out. And don't mope around, who knows maybe your health will be restored."

"Yeah right…" Landon said with no hope at all.

"Awe honey, come on. I'm so used to the happy Landon, cheer up!" She said as she kissed his forehead and left the room.

Landon laughed at the thought of happiness. How could he be happy when the love of his life wasn't with him? He yearned for her sweet touch. But he couldn't, he wanted to be fair to her, he didn't want to hurt her.

He walked up to the long couch and laid down, resting his head against the arm rest. He took a deep breath, bringing his right arm over his forehead as Danika popped into his mind. Maybe Mom was right. Maybe I should at least try and talk to her. It wouldn't hurt. He stood up and walked into his office.

He switched on the light, as he took a seat at his Oak Wood desk. He sighed, as he lifted the pen, that set next to a sheet of paper. After tapping the end of the pen, three times against the polished surface, he began to write.

As I sit alone in my room, my mind begins to race with so many amazing things, that I feel my heart racing with excitement. I never imagined I would have feelings like this. Not after what I have received... In all my honesty... I am scared... Scared of admitting my feelings... Scared of being deceived... Scared of falling more and ending up hurt in the end...

He set his pen down on the desk and stood up. He turned off the light, as he walked out of his office and headed up the stairs. He walked into his dark room, taking his T-shirt over his head and tossing it in the basket. He sat on the edge of his bed, and slowly took off his pants, tossing them in the basket along with his other dirty laundry. Only leaving him in his boxers. He started coughing uncontrollably. A hoarse sound escaping his mouth. He walked over to the night stand, and opened the bottle of pills sitting on top of it. He placed 2 pills in his mouth and took a long drink of water, from the glass by the pills. He coughed slightly, his throat still hoarse. He crawled into bed slowly, his body aching with pain. He pulled the covers tightly around himself, as he slowly closed his eyes and falling into a hopefully, peaceful sleep.


"Looks like Danika is all by herself, again!" Riley informed Abigail. She was excited to see her plan work like a charm.

"Watch this..." She said as she walked over to Danika who was sitting by herself, reading a book.

"What do you want?" Danika asked Riley. She knew that all Riley wanted was Landon, and Danika wasn't even sure he belonged to her anymore.

"Nothing from you that is, anyway Danika, this is meant to be. See, Landon is just too good for you. You can't make him happy so go hang out with your book buddies like the loser you are!" Riley said with an attitude. She smiled sarcastically as she waited for Danika to reply.

"Go to hell Riley, you're nothing but a... actually you know what? I'm better than this, I don't have to answer you, it's Landon's decision from this point on!" Danika yelled as she walked away, leaving Riley speechless.

"Davina, I can't stand her any more! She's driving me crazy!" Danika yelled, spotting Riley giving her dirty looks.

"Don't pay attention to her, she's just jealous! The question is, what are you going to do about Landon? It's the prom soon and he hasn't asked!"

"Davina, prom doesn't mean a thing to me. I don't care about the prom, I just want to know why and that's all. If he doesn't want to commit to me, that's fine with me but I hate it how he continues to ignore me!" Danika replied as her eye traveled across the hall to where Landon was sitting.

Landon looked up to see Danika walking towards him. He looked at her sadly, how much he missed her, how much he loved her. He wanted to run up to her, hug her and kiss her and never let go of her. He looked over at the big poster that hung on the wall. Prom was only two weeks away and he didn't even ask Danika yet but how could he? This would mean that they would have to be together and he couldn't let that happen, for Danika's sake. Suddenly he felt strong heart pain as he closed his locker shut. Oh no please God he said to himself as he walked over to the nurses office. He figured he was over reacting, it was probably nothing.

"Oh my God, why is he going inside the nurse's office?" Danika asked Davina who shrugged.

"To get away from you." She heard someone say. She turned around and saw Riley standing behind her. She remained her cool and just walked away, she was sick of Riley but nothing could stop her and her rude remarks towards Danika. As Danika passed the nurse's office, she wondered what could be wrong with Landon. There was a terrible feeling inside that something bad would happen today and she prayed that it didn't involve Landon.


"Danika, honey, telephone!" Danika's mother called as she ran quickly to get the cordless phone. She smiled; hoping it was Landon on the phone.


"Danika, honey, it's Landon 's mother" Mrs. Donovan cried, holding on to the phone tightly.

"Mrs. Donovan, what's wrong?" Danika asked, fear running through her body.

"It's Landon, he's in the hospital, he had a heart attack!" She cried harder and harder. She couldn't believe it was happening all over again, her son was only 18 years old. Danika felt like her heart stopped and she froze. She let go of the phone as it hit the floor with a loud 'boom.' It finally got to her that Landon was in the hospital, this time she wasn't the one who needed support, Landon was. She grabbed her car keys and ran out quickly with tears sliding down her cheeks quickly.

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