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Hidden Past

[Chapter 1]

"Hello, are you there?" Lauren ran across the ballroom sized-living room, diving for the phone.

"I forgot that quickly that you were going to call right back, sorry."

"Jeez, Lauren, it was only 5 minutes ago that I said that would call back."

"I said was sorry, Jenner, what were we talking about again?"

"Well, I was trying to tell you that I had just gotten some tickets to the Earthquakes-Galaxy pro soccer game this afternoon, and your coming with me," Jennifer protested.

"I don't even like soccer, only Basketball and Football."

"It is Football, it's just Futbol. Plus, my boyfriend's brother has just started out on the Galaxy and he wanted me to go to help him cheer him on, and get this, there's going to be another guy there for you so you won't feel left out."

"No, thank you, this is a time for me to rest up not date. You of all people should know about me and relationships."

"I can't go alone, you have to go. You owe me!"

"For what, I owe nothing, but because I love you I will go but immediately after the game is over I want to go home. Also this is not a double date; it's just me keeping your boyfriend's friend company."

"Thank you, sweetie, we'll pick you up in 3 hours. See this "normal girl" stuff is working, and don't worry we're going to be sitting in a special section so no one bothers you, ok?"

"Alright, see you in 3."

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