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Hidden Past

[Chapter 2]

Surprisingly, the Galaxy's stadium was packed with screaming fans with their soccer gear on and the heads painted like soccer balls. And now she had to sit and talk to some guy name Steve, who was actually kind of cute, but very annoying.

"God, this is not that exciting, I told you I don't even like soccer," Lauren mumbled

"Your just here for me anyway, you don't have to enjoy yourself."

Lauren slumped back in her seat and crossed her legs, realizing that this 90 minute game is going to be a long one.

"So, you're in the music biz, huh, just kidding with ya I've seen your videos and heard your music," Steve said jokingly.

"Yeah, unfortunately, but, you know, it pays the bills."

"I'm sure it pays the bills three times over, sweetie."

Lauren nearly dry-heaved at the word sweetie. He's lucky he's at least good looking. She smiled at him and elbowed Jennifer in the side of her ribs, which made her send an 'I'm so sorry' look her way.

"It's so nice to actually see such a down to earth star, I mean you're really nice and if your friends with this girl you have to obviously be sweet," Jennifer's boyfriend, Jared said.

"Aww, that's so nice of you to say, that's why I love you," said Jennifer as she bent over to kiss him.

Lauren smiled when she looked over at her friends but then saddened her smile when she looked over at Steve.

All of a sudden Lauren's boredom suddenly came to attention when she spotted a dark curly hair soccer player just flashed by her eyes. The face that she saw was just perfect. Seeing him for that quick moment made her feel so silly. She felt like a school girl with a crush on the new guy. The pit of her stomach had a weird embarrassing feeling when she saw him run past again. Number 10. Goodness gracious.

"Jen, who's that?"

"Who, there's like 40 players on the field."

"Number 10 of the turquoise colored jerseys."

"I don't know, J who's number 10 on the turquoise side?"

"First of all the turquoise jersey's are called the Earthquakes and you don't know, that's Landon Donovan, he's a 20 year old soccer superstar."

"Why Lauren, you don't think he's cute do you?" Jennifer accused.

"No, I just thought he looked familiar like someone I use to know, but then I realized it wasn't him, jeez."

"Ok, sure. Someone you use to know, or want to get to know."

"Whatever you say Jen."

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