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Hidden Past


It had been a year and a half since the last time Lauren dated. Her past relationships were relationships she wished that she could forget about, but she literally had the "scars" to keep her remembering. She was a normal 20 year old; at least she thought she still was. Lauren was now a worldwide known pop superstar. Her pictures were hanging in Times Square right across from TRL, and she was on every magazine cover out on newsstands. She thought she couldn't be happier with her new $10 million home that she bought in Beverly Hills last year, and the $300,000 cars she had to match. Plus, she made Forbes top 50 entertainers in 2002 making a reported $46 million that year. She had the ultimate dream life, but she still thought of herself as a very normal person, who would escape all the way to her parent's little home in Cheltenham right outside of Philadelphia sometimes in the middle of the week when she felt the pressure getting to be too much. If they really knew what went on in her life they'd be calling her everyday to check up on her. She kept so much from them, which was not normal because she was so close with her family, but she was too embarrassed. It was so hard to have a good relationship with a guy because usually she would always be in the spotlight or in some magazine. It was time for her to do for herself, she realized, and decided that after putting out three albums in four years that she was due for a break. A good 12 months would do the trick. She decided to hang out with a best friend, Jennifer, of hers from High School that had transferred from University of Pennsylvania to UCLA last year.

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