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Summary: Bianca is on her way to New York on September 11, the fateful day of death. She calls Landon to say her good byes, unaware of what is really happening.

Landon and the rest of the players smiled happily as the camera flashed in his face. They posed and fooled around in front of the blue background - enjoying an early photo shoot. It was 8:34 am and a wonderful day in Los Angeles. Just the day before Landon and actress girlfriend, Bianca had been out together. Now she was on her way to New York for a couple of interviews and TV show appearances. Landon sighed. "I'm not gonna see Bianca for a while again," he said, facing the guys.

They all continued to smile for the camera as Brian said, "Don't worry man, you'll talk to her on the phone." The irony in Brian's words meant nothing to Landon - for now.

Landon's cell phone began to ring, the Bianca ring tone blaring excitedly. It was the closest he could get to her when she wasn't there with him. The photographer looked at Landon, a slight angry look on his face. "Sorry, but can I please answer it?" Landon asked, hoping the photographer would allow him to.

He nodded and then said, "Five minute break."

"Hello?" Landon answered.

The voice on the other end sounded muffled and faint, "Landon...I can't speak up. They don't know I'm on the phone."

Landon's heart skipped a beat when he realized that it was the love of his life, Bianca.

"Bianca, baby what's wrong? Are you okay?" He had a million more questions, yet he sensed he should keep it brief. He could feel something was wrong.

"I'm still in the plane," she began sobbing, but then quickly stopped, like she was scared of something - or someone." Landon there's a few of them, they have guns..." She trailed off and then sobbed again.

Landon sat down, trying to calm down. Not knowing what exactly what was happening, he tried to relax. "Guns? What you mean 'them'? Baby what's going on in there?" He spoke fast and hurriedly, panicking inside.

"Terrorists," Bianca spoke softly and cautiously. The cheerful essence in Bianca's voice wasn't there when she spoke, it was gone.

"What?! Bianca is everything okay?" Landon's voice quivered with fright. Worried that something terrible would happen to the girl he loved.

Everyone in the studio turned to look at Landon. He turned his back towards them.

She began to cry. Landon could hear other people crying in the background too, frightened cries for help. "Baby, I don't know what's gonna happen, but if something does..." "No! Nothing's gonna happen. You'll be okay." It suddenly struck him, there was a possibility that he could lose his girlfriend, his soul mate. "You'll be okay," he said softly, sobbing, overwhelmed by the thought of being alone.

"Dude, what's up? Everything okay?" Dwayne asked from afar. Landon didn't want to be rude, but he couldn't smile as if to say 'everything's okay man'. Instead, he ignored Dwayne and walked into another room.

"Landon, I love you. Please remember that. Tell my family that I love them too," she cried softly, trying hard to hold back the tears she managed to say, "Tell everyone that I was thinking about them, that I do love them. That..." Her lifeless voice drifted off.

"Bianca you aren't going to die. Baby, you'll be fine," Landon tried desperately to fight the truth. "You can't go Baby, I love you too much." His heart pained and he wanted to take her pain away, but he couldn't.

"I love you too, but I know nothing good will come of this situation I'm in. I don't know who these people are, but they are going to kill us all," Bianca cried again, "I can feel it."

Landon cried with her, his eyes and nose already red. "No Bianca! This can't be happening. Not now - not ever! Baby I love you, I'm nothing without you..." He walked up and down in a frenzy, tears running down his cheeks. "I need you in my life."

They continued to cry together, wishing that they could turn back the hands of time. "I will always be with you, always."

"I want to kill those terrorists! How can they do this?!" Landon dropped to the floor, crying out loud. "How can they take my angel away? No..." He hit the wall in anger, wishing none of this was happening.

"I love you, remember the good times," she struggled to go on, overcome with sadness.

"Don't forget me, don't forget our love."

"I'll never forget anything Bianca, everything is too special to be forgotten... I don't think I'll ever love anyone again."

"Don't say that Babe, you will." Bianca's voice quivered with grief and she struggled to say each word.

Landon stood up quickly and started pacing across the room. "No! Never! My heart is yours, I can't love anyone else, I won't." Landon's heart felt as if it had been pierced with a sharp stick. He ached inside, feeling helpless because he was unable to save Bianca, he could do nothing. Nothing at all.

"We will meet again. Our love is forever - remember Landon? Our love will endure... I'll see you in Heaven." The sincerity in her voice made Landon smile, even though he was torn and unable to stop crying.

"Yes, our love is forever. I don't want you to go baby. I can't live without you! I'm lost when we don't see each other for a few days... How will I survive this? Bianca I..." Landon stopped talking when he heard Bianca screaming on the other end, along with everyone else on the plane. " Bianca?"

All of a sudden the line was dead. He paused for a moment. Bianca 's last words rung in his ears - "I'll see you in Heaven." Shocked utterly, he stood there in complete silence. He dropped his phone to the ground, numb with grief. Then it hit him. Bianca was gone. Gone.

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