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Only Hope . Graduation . Heaven . you've got mail.

Life is not easy. Itís a popular quote often used time and time again. What does it mean to not have an easy life? Look at Madison Larsonís life. She only wanted a stable and normal lifestyle. Instead she endures what the typical girl doesnít, but does it necessarily mean an unhappy ending?

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When Rodessa first met Landon, there was no attraction of any sort. Two years later, Landon saw a woman in the crowd who completely took his breath away--no idea that it was the same girl he had met before. Will there be any attraction the second time around?

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Hidden Past
It had been a year and a half since the last time Lauren dated. Her past relationships were relationships she wished that she could forget about, but she literally had the "scars" to keep her remembering. She was a normal 20 year old; at least she thought she still was. Lauren was now a worldwide known pop superstar, selling millions. She swore after her last two relationships that she wouldn't date or give her heart to another guy again for a while until she spotted Landon at a Galaxy-Earthquake game that she didn't even want to go. After a while she found herself falling for him and realized she couldn't go through all that pain again.

***Note: This Fic is Rated [R] for sexual content. Don't read if you can't handle it.***

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Bad Luck

Landon Donovan, a star of his own time. At least the star of his high school at the moment. He has the star girl of his high school, but when they break up, his soccer skills fall apart. Things start going wrong. Will it ever turn back to the way it was? Or does he just stay heart broken for life?

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