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Bad Luck

[Chapter 8]


After Landon’s accident with Jessica, he’s at the hospital. He has just been taped up from the cut on his forhead. He walks out of the room, and walks to the waiting room. He looks to find his mom sitting down. She looks up and see’s him walking toward her. She smiles as her eyes begin to tear up. She walks up to him and gives him a hug. She pulls away after Landon moans a bit.

“Aw, I’m sorry honey, I forgot your sore.”

She says sweetly with concern.

“That’s ok mom. But how is Jessica!?”

He looks at his mom with total concern about her. His mom looks at the ground and looks back up at him.

“She’s not to good. She’s still in surgery.”

Landon sighs. Just then he feels a hand on his shoulder. He turns and finds a police officer standing behind him.

“Son, will you come with me. You need to come answer some questions.”

Landon looks back at his mom. She nods. He looks back at the officer and nods his head. He walks out of the hospital with the officer and gets into the police car.

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