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Bad Luck

[Chapter 9]


Landon has just been brought into the police station for questioning. After sitting for about 15 minutes, and after signing a good amount of papers, they finally call him into the room.

“Is this going to take much longer? I would really like to go back to the hospital and check on Jessica.”

The officer smiles.

“Its sweet you care about her. But right now you need to concentrate on the questions I ask you.”

Landon nods.

“Now, what exactly happened before she got hit?”

Landon looks down at looks back up at the officer.

“Well, I was at a friends house, Jennifers. We were sitting talking…and…some how…we started to kiss. Then outta know where Jessica and Steven come in. So Jessica runs out. I run out after her. But I can’t see her… any where so I hop into my car and pull out. I turn around and press on the gas, but before I knew it… Jessica was in the street…”

Landon looks down with tears running down his face. The officer looks at him. Trying to tell if he’s lieing or not.

“Well, if nothing else happened…you may go…”

Landon nods his head and gets up outta the chair. He walks out of the police station and calls his mom to come pick him up.

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