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Bad Luck

[Chapter 7]

Meanwhile Landon is in his car. He starts it up and squles off. He turns the corner sharply. Just then he notices Jessica crossing the street. He does his best to move around her and not hit her but she was still in the way. The car stops after hitting her, and he runs out. His head is busted open from the car hitting a tree. He looks at Jessica and picks her up and puts her on the side walk. He starts crying not knowing if Jessica is still alive or not. He runs back to his car and gets his cell phone. He calls 911 and soon enough you hear the sirens getting louder and louder. Landing is nealing down next to Jessica, trying to stop the blood from coming out of her cuts. He takes off his shirt and rips it into 2 pieces. He covers two cuts and gives her a kiss on her forehead. He waits unpaintly to the ambulance gets there to take care of her. They load her onto a stretcher and put her into the ambulance. They make him go along scince he has such a big cut on his forehead. On the whole ride there, and until they separate him from Jessica he holds her hand. He thinks to him self 'What the hell have I done.'

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