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Bad Luck

[Chapter 6]


About 10 minutes later at Jennifer house. He arrives and walks up to her door.

Jennifer opens the door. She looks better then ever. Landon looks her up and down and licks his lips. She smiles as hes looking just as good.

"Hey Landon, want to come on in? I thought we could just chill at my house, order pizza and watch a movie or something."

He looks at her…

"Well aren't your parents home?"

She smiles sweetly.

"Nope, they won't be home till tommorow."

Landon gulps and walks in. She closes the door.

"Come on, follow me to the living room. Take off your shoes here though, my parents don't want the wood ruined in the hallways."

He slips his shoes off and follows her. She goes into the kitchen and grabs the phone.

"What place, and what do you want on your pizza?"

"Uh, Dominoes, and just cheese…please."

She giggles a bit.

"Alright. You can take a seat in the living room if you want. There's movies on the floor I didn't know which one you would want to watch so just grab which ever one you want and put it in."

Landon nods as Jennifer starts to dial the number for the pizza place. Jennifer walks in after about 5 minutes carrying sodas.

"Hope you don't mind Dr. Pepper."

"Naw, don't worry im fine with it. Heres the movie I chose."

She smiles.

"That's the one I wanted to watch."

She pops the movie in and turns down the lights. She closes all the curtains to make it dark in the room. He looks at her as she goes and sits next to him. She turns and faces him.

"Can we talk? and you..and..maybe Jessica?"

He looks down then back at her.

"Uh ya, I guess."

She gets closer to him, and touches his hand.

"You know, Jessica was some what right."

He looks at her with interest.

"What do you mean?"

She moves her hand from his hand to his face, then to his leg and rests it there.

"We have been flirting a lot. And she was right to have something to worry about. Me and Steven weren't getting along so well that day of your game and we broke up. Im a free woman, and you're a free man. I see it as we were both free at the same time so me and you could be together."

Just then she leans in and gives him a kiss. The door bell rings and she hops up to go get it. He sits there in the living room thinking to him self; this isn't how its sousped to be. Hes sousped to be the one giving her a kiss, no the oppisate. He looks over and sees a photo album. He picks it up and looks through it. The 2nd page theres a picture of all the soccer teams. He sees Jessica and him standing next to each other. He then drops it thinking to him self, 'I don't need to be worrying about her, I have a beautiful girl who wants me right here. Just then Jennifer walks back in.

"Sorry I thought the pizza was here but it was just someone asking for my parents."

He looks up at her and smiles.

"No problems. But you left off with giving me a kiss…"

He then gives her a kiss. As he backs away she pulls him back. They start going at it like little teenagers, just then Steven and Jessica walk in. Jessica runs out crying as he notices he pulls away. He looks up and sees Steven standing there. Steven is smirking and helps Jennifer up. Landon looks up at the both of them totally confused.

"What the hell is going on here?"

"Oh come on Landon" Jennifer says. "You're the one whos sousped to be smart. Figure it out."

He stands up and pushes by the two.

"Finally now that those two are out of the way, here comes me and you. Were going to be the best in the school!"

Steven says as he smiles. He gives Jennifer a kiss.

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