Today is

Name: Tiffany

Can Also Be Called: Tiff, Tiffy, Tiff-Tiff, Shorty, LOH, Steph (i still don't understand how people confuse my name with that)

Nationality: Half- Filipino, Half-Chinese (although i'm a lil' more Filipino based on how my parents have been raised and how I've been raised)

Birthday: 04-02

Location: Chicago Burbs, IL, USA

Height: 5'2" (yeah, I'm short)

Hair Color: dark brown/black

Eye Color: brown

Sibling(s): None

Pet(s): My doggie, Fritz

Describe your personality: unpredictable basically sums it up... my friends don't know what side of me they'll get. My sweet and quiet side one instance to my bitchy side another instance to my loud and "can't stop laughing" side. Well, I dunno how else to describe myself, but people tell me I'm friendly, crazy, and funny. I'm just me.

Likes: shopping, hanging out with friends, movies, music (all types), singing, dancing, playing sports (v-ball, b-ball, soccer), chatting online, working out, sleeping (obviously don't get enough), romantic stuff (i'm a sap), Boyz II Men, Filipino/Chinese food, Friends, MTV, laughing (lol), jewelry, stars, writing, Orlando Bloom, Shane West, J-Lo, Jennifer Aniston

Dislikes: fake people, neon colored clothing (not for me), racism, violence, liars, Mondays, bootie shorts (i call 'em underwear), T.A.s (right, Eileen?)

» Started playing soccer when I was 9 in AYSO. Then played at grammar school for 2 years.

» I was a goalie, a defender, and Midfielder... Most of the time I was a Midfielder or Defender...

» Fav. Soccer Team: MLS-Chicago Fire (it's the hometown thing!) International-U.S. National Men's & Women's Team (of course)

» Fav. Soccer Player(s): Landon Donovan (of course), Brian McBride (hometown thing again), DaMarcus Beasley, Lorrie Fair

» Fav. Other Athlete(s): Andy Roddick (tennis), Sammy Sosa (baseball), Apolo Anton Ohno (speedskating)

» The thing that drew me to Landon was that he's an athlete thriving in a sport at a young age. He has accomplished so much in a matter of a couple years. Landon has this presence on the field that just makes you want to watch more of him because of his raw talent. His athletic aspect isn't the only thing that attracts me to him, but also his personality. I'll admit I don't know him personally, but from what I've seen on T.V., read in articles, and heard from people, Landon's genuinely a sweet and intelligent individual. He always has a positive outlook on life.