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Quddus: We’re counting down your top 10 videos and we have 8 down, 2 more to go. But before we get back to the countdown, I wanna bring out a very special guest. My next guest recently scored 2 goals while representing your national soccer team. Please welcome America’s newest heartthrob, Landon Donovan.

[POD’s “Boom” playing in background while audience cheers]

Quddus: Welcome to the show, man. Right over there. Uh oh. Yeah.

[Audience chants, “USA!”]

Quddus: This is really big, man. This is really big ‘cuz you guys made it all the way to the quarterfinals in a World Cup just now. That’s great. Congratulations, man.

Landon: Thank you.

Quddus: And that is the best showing for a U.S. Team in 72 years. Am I right?

Landon: Yeah, that’s right.

Quddus: How’d that feel, dude? Did you guys know that you would do so well?

Landon: Um, we didn’t fully expect it. We wanted to get out of our group and go from there, but we got out and we played a team, Mexico, that we know very well. We beat them. Got to Germany and said, “We’ll take our chances.”

[Landon shrugs shoulders, Audience cheers]

Quddus: In the last World Cup tournament, you guys didn’t do so well at all and I know you guys get some flack from like European teams

Landon: Right.

Quddus: And they give you a hard time about…

Landon: They don’t respect us. Hahaha. Aw….

Quddus: How does that play itself out though, you know, before competitions and after the games?

Landon: Well, I think it’s changed now though. You know, after the Germany game a lot of the players I’ve played with them when I was in Germany and they said, “We deserve to lose, you guys deserve to win the game.” And they’re in the finals.

Quddus: And now you my friend have just made the cover of Sports Illustrated. Right? You’re a cover boy now. Now how did you find out about it like when did you first find you made the cover?

Landon: Yeah, I was online in Korea just instant messaging and my agent said, “You need to check your mail.” And I said, “why?” And he’s like you need to check your mail. So I checked and downloaded it and was like “Oh My God.” This is crazy!

Quddus: That must be really surreal to be on the cover of a magazine. I mean, you’ve been reading Sports Illustrated for years.

Landon: Yeah. For sure. It’s amazing and hopefully not once in a lifetime, but it was awesome.

Quddus: Now let’s be real. How many copies did you buy?

[Scratches head]

Quddus: You musta have gone to like every newsstand.

Landon: Well, um, I didn’t buy any, but I’m sure my mom did.

[Audience (mostly girls) sigh “Aw…….”]

Quddus: Yeah boat-loads for the neighborhood. Look at my boy, look at him.

Landon: Yeah handing them out.

Quddus: Alright, check it out. We thought we’d test your skills and see if you could juggle a soccer ball through this whole, next video.

Landon: What?! How long’s the video?

Quddus: Not the entire video. You know how we do it on TRL. We just play like half of it, so we’ll see if you can juggle.

Landon: Alright. Can I take off my shoes?

Quddus: Yeah you can do that. Yeah do whatever it takes, man.

Landon: These aren’t soccer shoes.

Quddus: You do your thing through your number 2 video, Eminem “Without Me”.

[Video rolls with small clips of Landon juggling the ball]

Quddus: My boy, Landon, is out of breath. You worked it, man. You’re a good sport about that. You got some help from our nimble cameraman over there at one point right?

Landon: Yeah I know. He was helping me out. Good job.

Quddus: Yeah. Definitely. That was cool. Do you have any predictions on this year’s World Cup? Who do you think is gonna win?

Girl from Audience: Brazil!

Landon: Woah!

Quddus: Do you agree with these ladies?

Landon: Nah, I hope Germany wins so then we can say we lost to the champions, but whatever. Whoever wins, that’s great!

Quddus: Right, right. No doubt. Do you have an opinion on the hip hop battle that we have going on, Nelly or Eminem? “Without Me”? “Hot in Herre”?

Landon: I dunno. I like that Eminem song. That’s a tight song. Yeah, but I dunno.

Quddus: Today Nelly ranks supreme.

Landon: Really?

Quddus: It’s the 2nd day you put him at the top of your countdown. Here’s “Hot in Herre”. Nelly.

[Audience cheers]

Quddus: Thanks for coming through, man.

Landon: No problem.

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