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Regis Philbin: Now our next guests have recently shook up the world, the world of soccer where they advanced to the quarterfinals of the World Cup. Incidentally, here is a flash bulletin direct from the Live With Regis and Kelly Sports Desk. Germany just beat South Korea. Yes. Germany who beat our team.

Kelly Rippa: We think.

Regis: Here they come, the U.S. Men’s soccer team. Here’s Claudio Reyna, Clint Mathis, Landon Donovan, and Brian McBride.

[Audience cheers]

Regis: Nice to have you guys here. Alright.

Kelly: Reach over and grab his thigh. Just subtly reach over and grab a thigh.

Regis: You get the kiss and I get the thigh. Alright lemme see it Cappy. Give me the best you got.

Claudio Reyna: Not that good.

Regis: Oh…You would go nuts.

Kelly: I’m telling you like a steel pillar.

Regis: You know I can’t keep my hands off him. So anyways Germany just beat South Korea. Is that the way you just figured it?

Claudio: It’s good for us. We played both teams and Germany knocked us off, so I guess it’s nice the team that beat us is going to the finals.

Kelly: But it looked like to us at home that the ball crossed that line.

Landon Donovan: I know.

Kelly: It looked like the ball got in there.

Landon: We got cheated.

Kelly: Yeah and what happened with that? Can’t you protest? Can’t you appeal or what’s it called? Isn’t there some sort of thing you can do or is there no replay?

Landon: No replays.

Claudio: There’s no instant replay like American football, but if the ref doesn’t call it there, then that’s it and that’s the way it goes. It was unlucky, but there was nothing we can do about it.

Regis: Yeah, but it was a wonderful performance you guys gave and you got into the quarterfinals, first time since 1930. 72 years.

[Audience cheers]

Regis: And incidentally, in the last World Cup, just 4 years ago, our team finished last.

Kelly: Yes, why are you so good this year?


Regis: Any of you play 4 years ago on the team?

Clint Mathis: These two.

[Landon points to Claudio & Regis]

Landon: Blame them.


Regis: Okay.

Brian McBride: That is the reason we got better.

Regis: Brian, what’s the difference this year opposed to 4 years ago?

Clint: The Mohawk.


Regis: You know a lot of guys wanna look like Gelman. You didn’t come close.


Clint: Chicks dig the Mohawk.

Kelly: They do? The girls dig the Mohawk.

Regis: Do they really?

Clint: Definitely.

Brian: He thinks they do.

Kelly: Some players are famous for being the most radical athlete. They always have…

Regis: They’re free souls.

Kelly: Body piercings and hair things.

Landon: Body piercings?

Brian: Clint is definitely on top of the new style.

Clint: Pick on the fat kid.


Brian: A handlebar and moustache to go with that.

Regis: Anyways what’s the difference this year and 4 years ago? How come this tremendous change?

Brian: Probably the biggest thing was when Bruce Arena took over. The attitude changed. He wanted to make sure we all when out with the attitude of taking it to the other team.

Regis: I met him recently at a function in Arizona. Terrific guy. Comes from Long Island. But what does he do to inspire you to get you guys to play better?

Brian: Well, and he emphasized bringing all 23 of us together and making sure we all stuck up for each other and play together. It really happened.

Regis: Was it the thrill of your lives to go this far and it had to have been something.

Claudio: Yeah it was great.

Kelly: Can I ask you a question? What are they chanting when they are going, “Oh….oh… oh… oh… oh…. oh…oh……..oh”?


Regis: Sounds like your fish in the tank.

Kelly: They chant something and do you know what it is?

Landon: We have no idea.

Kelly: You don’t know.

Clint: I’ve been trying to figure it out too.

Regis: Were there any American fans?

Claudio: Yeah there were. There was a lot. It was a surprise. It was so far away. We had so many people come watch us. A big military base over there, so a lot of them came out. It was great.

Regis: Landon, when do you guys start training? This event happens every 4 years.

Landon: Right.

Regis: But when is the team collected and put through this?

Landon: I think we started May 1st. So we saw enough of each other for 7 weeks.

Regis: But when you start training, you practice together.

Landon: Well, we play with our club teams throughout the year and then we come together. Bruce picks the 23 and we got together May 1st and went from there.

Regis: Well, anyways, you guys were just terrific. We were all thrilled in this country. When we get back, we’re gonna take a look at these guys in action. Okay? Right back in a moment.

[Commercial Break]

[Playing 3-on-3 soccer game. Landon, Kelly, and Clint on one team and Regis, Claudio, and Brian on the other.]

Regis: Okay, how do we start this, Captain?

Claudio: We’ll start out over here.

Regis: Kelly wanted the guy with the Mohawk. Hehehehe.

Kelly: Wait a minute.

Brian: We need a whistle to start it off.

Kelly: I’m very concerned.

Regis: About?

Kelly: Are you gonna be kicking at us?

Regis: Yes!

Kelly: Gelman!

Regis: Let’s go.

Claudio: Here we go. We’ll start with you.

[Kicking ball around.]

Kelly: Am I offsides?

Brian: No, just kick it!

Gelman: Kelly, go the other way.

Regis: Throw it over here! Gelman, this is really exciting.

Kelly: Go this way?

Claudio: [Passing to Regis] There you go. That’s a goal.

[Audience cheers]

Regis: Gooooooooal!!!

Brian: Take your shirt off.

[Regis lifts jersey up]

Regis: Now you guys go.

Kelly: Can somebody go, “Oh.. oh…oh”?

[Kicks it and Regis kicks it above Kelly, Laughter]

Regis: Goal!

[Kelly scores]

Regis: Come on, Claudio. Let’s go!

Kelly: Lemme take my shirt off.

Brian: Oh, one-touch passing.

Gelman: Next goal wins.

[Regis scores, Audience cheers]

Regis: That’s it. My guys, my guys! Yes. Nice hand for the U.S. Men’s Soccer team right here. Peter Gallagher coming up next.

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