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The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

Jay Leno: Now the U.S. hasnít been to the quarterfinals since 1930s. This is an amazing feat. So thatís pretty cool. Weíre honored tonight to have live satellite hook up with several members of our U.S. team in South Korea right now where I believe itís about 8, 8:30 in the morning. Letís check in on them. Guys, are you there? Hey guys, there they are!

[Cheers & Applause]

Jay: Congratulations on all your success. Can you hear them going nuts for you?

All: Yeah.

[Cheers & Applause]

Jay: So why donít you introduce yourselves. Tell us your names and where are you from.

Cobi Jones: Iím Cobi Jones. Iím from Los Angeles.

[Cheers & Applause]

Landon Donovan: Iím Landon Donovan from Redlands, California.

[Cheers & Applause]

Clint Mathis: Clint Mathis. Atlanta, Georgia.

[Cheers & Applause]

Joe-Max Moore: And Iím Joe-Max Moore from Mission Viejo, California.

[Cheers & Applause]

Jay: There you go. Now the country is going crazy for you guys. Now, Landon, I donít know if you know this. Have you seen it yet? Youíre on the cover of the new Sports Illustrated. Did you know that?

Landon: Yeah, I saw that.

Jay: Oh, excuse me!


Jay: Now since you guys have some pull, can you ask them to schedule the games at a better time? I mean itís like 2 in the morning here. Nobody can watch it.

Landon: I know it sucks for people back home.


Jay: It sucks for people back home. I could not have said it more eloquently myself.


Jay: Now are you guys having fun?

Joe-Max: Oh yeah. Weíre having a great time.

Cobi: As long as we keep winning.

Joe-Max: Itís going great.

Jay: Joe-Max, tell us a little about the game against Mexico. That was pretty amazing.

Joe-Max: It was a great game and itís a team we know pretty well. Weíve played them quite a few times over the past 4 or 5 years and to beat them in a World Cup, itís something special. So to do it where it really counts was something nobody, I think, in our country is going to forget.

Jay: Now you play for an English club when youíre not playing for the U.S. team. Who has the worst food: England or Korea?

Joe-Max: I hate to say it, but England for me anyways.


Joe-Max: If Iíve gotta have an opinion here, itís terrible since Iíve been there.

Jay: Now, Clint, I gotta ask you about the haircut here. Apparently they also have Fantastic Samís in Korea pretty much.


Clint: I didnít even know there was a World Cup here. I came for the beauty pageant.


Jay: Oh really? Now I understand that you have a nightclub in the basement of your condo. Is this true or just a rumor?

Clint: I think thatís just a rumor. I dunno what youíre talking about.

Jay: Really?


Jay: Cobi, you had a show on MTV, didnít you?

Cobi: Quite some time ago. Yes.

Jay: How long did that run?

Cobi: Uh, I did it over a period of 3 years.

Jay: Oh, you did! How many shows did you do?

Cobi: Longer than you thought. Huh?


Jay: Really! I didnít realize it was 3 years. Now you guys play Germany tomorrow. Now weíve beaten Germany twice in the past, you know that. As a country- America has.

[Laughter & Cheers]

Jay: So weíre looking to you guys to 3-peat basically. Tell us about that because thatís a tough team.

Cobi: Yeah theyíre a very difficult team, Germany. Weíve beaten them a couple times in the past and theyíve also reciprocated and beaten us very recently. So, hopefully, this will be sorta a revenge match for us.

Jay: And you guys have gone further than any American team has gone since, actually, the very first World Cup game. Isnít that correct?

All: Right. Yup. True.

Jay: I mean try not to get too excited about it.


Joe-Max: I know.

Jay: I mean, is it fun? Do you feel good? Are you going nuts?

All: Oh yeah, weíre having a great time.


Landon: Itís 8:30 here, man.

Joe-Max: Itís hard to get a real feeling from whatís going on back home, to be honest. We canít get the press or the newspapers or anything. The teamís done great so far. Weíre just hope we can continue and have a great game Friday.

Jay: Well, everybody here is pulling for you.


Jay: Will you come see us when you win?

All: Oh weíd love to. Sure.

Jay: Come back and see us in person when you get back to the States. God bless you guys. Do good. See you guys later. Good talking to you!

All: Thanks.

[Cheers & Applause]

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