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Connie Chung Tonight

Connie: A rare instance where Jon got it wrong. So now Jon Stewart anchors the Daily Show on Comedy Central and former college soccer player is gonna show us what he can do on a real news program. Huh Huh Huh.

Jon Stewart: I’m ready to do it.

Connie: And to put him on the spot fresh from their thrilling performances at the World Cup we have some key players from Team USA Coach Bruce Arena, and Forward Brian McBride who scored one of the 3 goals in the crucial game against Portugal and mah…and Midfielder Landon Donovan who scored right beforehand. They made it to the quarterfinals a far cry for Team USA ‘s last place final of 1998 and they arrived back home just yesterday. So thank you so much for being with us. I just give you five and five and five.

Landon Donovan: Thanks.

Connie: Tell me, you did Letterman tonight didn’t you? You taped it?

Landon: Yeah we did.

Brian McBride: Technically I think it was a lot of Landon. Landon did Letterman.

Connie: Did he hog?

Brian: No, no. He was rightfully so center stage.

Connie: So tell me how does it feel to have your life kinda change, you know, because you’re such stars now?

Landon: Well..

Jon: I’ll take this one.

Landon: Hold up, hold up. We definitely didn’t expect to be on CNN and we’re happy to be here. Congratulations by the way.

Connie: Aw… aren’t you nice.

Landon: Um, but it’s awesome. We’re enjoying it. We’re having fun. We’ve been in New York kinda livin’ it up just going nonstop and it’s fun.

Connie: So people have been making a lot of fun of you all. Don’t you feel vindicated now?

Brian: Probably the biggest thing going in was just question marks of how we’d do especially after 98. For us, it really wasn’t a matter than it was more focusing on the team and playing how we knew how to play. If we got the results out of that that’d be great and it just so happened that we did and everybody stuck together.

Connie: Coach, how did it become so different, I mean, this team compared to last time’s team?

Coach Arena: Well, first of all, we have an outstanding group of players and all the credit goes to the players and World Cups are difficult. This is the greatest sporting event in the world. The magnitude of the World Cup is incredible. Our team has been on and off for the last 4 years. We went into the tournament optimistic that we could play well. We opened up a great win over Portugal, which is a huge upset and we had the momentum that carried us through and we had a big win against Mexico and then…

Connie: How about Germany?

Coach: The game against Germany in the quarterfinals we played quite well we were a lil’ unlucky. Fell short. I think overall we left a great impression not only for Americans, but around the world and now there’s a new earned respect for soccer in the United States.

Connie: Jon, are you ok?

Jon: Well listen. I played ball. Coach Arena will remember. I played for William of Marion (I have no clue what he said) in the UVA which is uh.. Coach Arena’s team use to beat us every year in the NCAA Tournament but the level of soccer that has come up is remotely… I mean these guys are light-years ahead of what we were doing. We used our hands {everyone laughs} and we actually dribbled with our hands. So it’s a whole different game now.

Connie: Coach, is it true that a lot of the players from Germany came up afterwards and said you all should of won?

Coach: A lot of them gave us a lot of praise after the game and said, ‘you guys were a little bit unlucky and you shoulda won the game today.’ That meant a lot, but in all honesty we would of rather won the game and not have heard it, but that’s life. You know the thing now is that we’re moving forward as a soccer playing country. MLS is beginning to receive the recognition they deserve. That’s our domestic professional league that has not gotten the attention I think it deserves and they’ve really nurtured a lot of our players and positioned us to be a team that’s competitive with anybody in the world.

Connie: Jon?

Jon: No they’re great players. I enjoy watching that on the MLS. I was a little disappointed that when Landon scored-I can’t remember which game it was-he ripped off his shirt, no sports bra. Brandi Chastain had set the mark there.

Landon: Gotta keep ya on your toes.

Jon: To see Landon with just…

Connie: Nothing?

Jon: But some of the goals, I’ll tell ya, some of the goals Brian scored especially were, I think, the prettiest goals that have ever been scored in the United States soccer certainly in international play. I dunno if you guys agree with me?

Landon: Definitely

Coach: I agree.

Jon: They’re magnificent.

Connie: Do you think it’s gonna change how soccer is perceived here in the US. I mean, isn’t baseball attendance down and basketball attendance down?

Landon: We’ve been working hard to make that happen.

Brian: Perhaps a little bit.

Coach: I think there is a built-in bias with the old regime of sports editors and people that cover sport and there’s always been a bias. Hopefully we can earn some respect from those people… we don’t claim obviously to be the sport that takes over for football, baseball, basketball or hockey. No, we’re just another sport in a competitive sports industry that deserves recognition and hopefully our showing in the World Cup is going to do it for soccer.

Connie: Have you guys gotten any offers for endorsements?

Landon (in the background): Brian, Mr. Model.

Brian: I’m pretty laid back guy. My brother’s my agent. So there are a few more people behind this kid.

Coach: Landon does well.

Landon: Actually, I just signed a…

Connie: They’re knocking on your door?

Landon: I just signed a $150 million deal with Gatorade so I’m really excited about that.

Connie: Get out.

Jon: Actually I just signed with Diet Fresca.

Brian: Are you? Oh wait that’s Lipton. I was gonna ask you if you were one of the little guys.

Jon: No I’m bigger. I’m fat.

Connie: I’m so gullible, you know.

Landon: Oh you believe me, huh?

Connie: Absolutely.

Landon: Oh, I wished I believed it too.

Jon: He’s 20.

Brian: Connie it might be coming.

Landon: No.

Connie: Or maybe you’ll just be doing a Bud commercial. You know, how you doin’, how you doin’.

Landon: I’m under aged though.

Jon: Are you going back to Germany and play or are you gonna stick around at your place?

Landon: Interesting question.

Brian (dabbing Landon’s forehead): It’s getting hot in here.

Landon: Yeah, um… that will be discussed in the coming weeks definitely.

Jon: He’s got his lawyer in his earpiece.

Landon: Yeah, Landon don’t say anything. No, we’re gonna see. You know if it works out…

Jon: I’ll say, you guys did great.

Landon: Yeah definitely

Connie: We’re really, really proud of you. All right thanks so much Jon Stewart, Coach, Brian, and Landon. Thank you for being with us.

Landon: Thank you.

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