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Last Call with Carson Daly

Carson: Welcome back. My next guest has helped lead the United States to its best finish in the World Cup, thatís soccer, since 1930. Plus, heís the only guy I know who scores regularly, without ever using his hands. Take a look.

[Footage of Landon scoring his goal in Mexico game]

Carson: From Team USA hereís Landon Donovan, LandonÖ

[Applause and music plays while he enters. Crowd chants ĎUSA!í]

Carson: All right.

Landon: All right.

Carson: What do you think this is, a German bar in New York at 4:30 in the morning? This is crazy what people do watching the World Cup.

Landon: Nuts huh?

Carson: Letís talk about this, so you beat Mexico 2-0, you lose to Germany in the quarters. What is the teamís vibe. I still think itís an incredible accomplishment. What is it like coming home from Korea?

Landon: Yeah, nah itís good. We did ok. We did better than most teams in the past, but we still felt we could of done better. Thatís the way it goes you know?

Carson: So you land here back in the States and is there a parade, are they throwing stuff, is there a ticker, is thereÖ whatís going on? Is there a big party?

Landon: There are parties for sure. But itís good people are noticing us and itís also kinda dangerous cuz you go into restaurants and stuff and people you think are from Mexico or Portugal you gotta be careful because you donít know whatís going in your food, maybe soÖ

[Audience laughs]

Carson: Right. Wasnít there a story about a soccer player who kicked the ball in the wrong goal in another country and they likeÖ

Landon: Killed him? That was in America, yeah í94. That was in Colombia.

Carson: Now how come the passion around soccer exists so prominent elsewhere except in the States? It doesnít make any sense.

Landon: Well weíre changing that right?

Carson: Are we?

Landon: Yeah!

[Audience cheers]

Carson: I think one reasonÖ I played soccer for like 10 years growing up as a lot of people did our age, but they stopped.

Landon: You didnít play soccer. You play soccer?

Carson: Yeah I played soccer.

Landon: All right.

Carson: Back when we had oranges at halftime.

Landon: Oranges. We still do that.

Carson: We still do that?

Landon: Yeah.

Carson: You wear shin guards?

Landon: Yeah. Definitely.

Carson: You wear a cup?

[Audience giggles]

Landon: Um, you know what. They say soccer players are so well, uh, hung that they donít need them.

[Audience ďohhhhĒ]

Landon: Haha.

Carson: Surely there is a punchline here somewhere.

[Audience laughs]

Carson: Let me ask you this. Have you ever been to the bars here in New York in the middle of the night. TheyíreÖ

Landon: Iím 20, man.

Carson: You donít have a fake id?

[Audience laughs]

Carson: Iíll get you one. Iíll get you a GOOD one.

Landon: All right.

Carson: So hereís the deal like you can watch a Celtics-Rangers game. They have people internationally go crazy for this. As American does it make you want to play overseas more because their enthusiasm is better than ours?

Landon: Yeah, but thatís scary though man. If you do well, theyíre cheering for you, but if not you could, like you said, get shot. So, I think I like our crowd here and I like that theyíre behind us, but anything beyond thatÖ

Carson: And how about the chicks? They dig the soccer player right?

Landon: Maybe. Sometimes.

Carson: Do you have a lady friend?

Landon: I do not.

Carson: Iíve seen you do that talk show circuit now.

Landon: Itís crazy.

Carson: Yeah, what is that like for you?

Landon: Itís awesome man. This by far is the best one even though itís at 2 in the morning.

Carson: Thank you brother.

Landon: You know what our games were on at like 2:30 in the morning too so we have that in common.

Carson: UmÖ soccer players have this image of being athletic and thereís tons of endurance and strong. I read that one of your favorite groups was Boyz II Men.

Landon: Yup.

Carson: So do this with me for a second.

Landon: Uh-oh.

Carson: Say itís 30 minutes before the game with Germany or something and youíre getting pumped up. Youíre going to that place that all athletes do and youíre there and youíre listening to this.

[Plays Boyz II Menís ďIíll Make Love To YouĒ, Audience laughs]

Carson: Iím gonna go down that field. Iím gonna kick the shit out of that ball. How is it pumping you up?

[Landon takes a deep breath from laughing so much]

Landon: Oh man, youíre killing me. It calms me down, man. You get so excited.

Carson: Is that the idea? I genuinely want to learn about this.

Landon: All right, genuinely, you get so excited sometimes that it calms you down.

Carson: Ok, so you donít want to go out there and be a maniac. You wanna get focused andÖ

Landon: I donít wanna go out there and make love to anyone on the soccer field.

[Audience laughs]

Carson: All right, I think I shoulda just gone to that. Letís talk about the sport. We have a few issues with soccer or maybe I do. 90 minutes in a game there might maybe be one goal. It seems like an awfully long time.

Landon: You think so?

Carson: Is there anything we can do? Shorten the field?

Landon: Sure why not! Make the goal bigger maybe.

Carson: Youíve heard that one before. These are like bad jokes that youíve heard.

Landon: No, not even.

Carson: Iíve got a couple better ones. Maybe we just play with 3 balls, one of which is explosive.

[Audience laughs]

Landon: That might work.

Carson: How about this? During the soccer game we release a man-eating lion. Now that would get the Americans into it, right?

Landon: Where do you get this stuff?

Carson: I dunno. Weíre just goofing off. Cheerleaders. Any cheerleaders?

Landon: Uh, some things, yeah. Thatís nice when youíre warming up, youíre out there and you see them. Gives you adrenaline boost.

Carson: Cuz we always see these crazy fans on TV in these goofy hats. Thatís like the closest thing we see to a cheerleader.

Landon: My grandmaís got one of those hats.

[Picture of fans on TV, Audience laughs]

Landon: Oh you got that?

Carson: By the way that is NOT your grandmother right there.

Landon: Oh ok. Haha. I hope not.

Carson: Hehe. Those are just the fans. Anyways, what do you do now? Go back toÖ

Landon: L.A. tonight.

Carson: This is a whirlwind now. You just came to New York and with all this press and stuff is there anything you hope to get out of this? You wanna, I dunno, maybe parlay this into an acting thing or endorsements?

Landon: An acting thing? I dunno about that. Hopefully endorsements. That helps, but weíre just having fun and itís for soccer. We want soccer to grow and we think it is.

Carson: I think so too. And so what, you go back to San Jose now and what does the rest of the season look like?

Landon: All the way through September we got our season so right now we just keep going and weíve got a lot of games to play.

Carson: All right, good for you, man. Well, thanks for hanging with us.

Landon: Cool, man.

Carson: Youíre a good sport. Appreciate it.

[Audience cheers]

Carson: Landon Donovan everybody! Team USA. Weíll be right back with a performance from N.E.R.D. right after this.

[Carson hands Landon his bobblehead. Landon plays around with it.]

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