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» Tidbits

»Has dated actress, Bianca Kajlich.

»Got a 1080 on his SATs.

» Landon has won the Young Athlete of the Year Award for 2000 given by Chevrolet.

»He enjoys to collect coins and flirting.

»Fav. Color is blue.

»His father is from Victoria, B.C.

»Enjoys poached eggs and listening to music before games.

»Donovan feels his best skill is his first touch, and he is trying to get better with heading the ball.

»Speaks fluent Spanish thanks to his inquisitive mind as kid playing on a club team mostly comprised of Latinos.

»Fav. Video Games: FIFA 2002 World Cup & SSX Tricky.

»Secret addictions are ice cream (Cookies 'n cream and mint chip) and cereal.
»Landon can sing (mostly R&B songs).

»Has a thing for Britney Spears.

»The silver ring he wears on his right thumb is from his mother and the other ring on his left middle finger is from his sister.

»His ideal girl is: innocent, somewhat naive, genuinely beautiful (not used solely for outer beauty), and someone that makes him happy.

»Would of attended UCLA for college doing something in the sports field (sports medicine, sports business).

»Fav. city is Buenos Aires, Argentina.

»BEST BRAIN FOOD: Trivial Pursuit, Balderdash and Scattergories. ("Makes up for me not going to college," Landon has been quoted.)

»Fav. TV Show: SportsCenter

»Fav. Postgame activity: Celebrating.

»Fav. musical group: Boyz II Men

»Fav. Hobbies: PlayStation, golf, spending time with my family.

»Fav. Pregame activity: Sleeping.

»Fav. Vacation Spot: Barbados.

»Fav. Place to live: Utah in the winter. Southern California in the summer.

»Fav. Food: Crab.

»Fav. Drink: Pink lemonade.

»Fav. Movie: ''Field Of Dreams.''

»Fav. Actor/Actress: Jim Carrey / Mira Sorvino & Denise Richards.

»1st Car: The 2001 BMW 325i I have now.

»1st Job: A paper route his freshman year of high school.

»2001 MLS Allstar MVP

»Fav. Book: ''Hearts in Atlantis'' by Stephen King.

»Enjoys watching movies in his free time.

»Featured in the FIFA 2002 World Cup video game.

»Has his own bobble-head, one with the S.J. Earthquakes and one with the USMNT.

»Played organized soccer since he was 5.

»Loves Jellie Bellies and Sweetarts.

»Youngest player to have scored at the 2002 Fifa World Cup.

»Twice named Chevrolet Man of the Match in the Football Confederation Gold Cup, as the U.S. won the tournament for the first time since 1991.

»Won the ESPY award for Best Male Soccer Player in 2002.

»Won the Golden Ball at the U-17 Championships in New Zealand in 1999.

»Featured in a Nike Swoosh Ad.

»Featured in a Unicef Commerical promoting the prevention of HIV/AIDS.

»Strongest trait? Vision, self-Discipline and generosity.

»People he admires the most? Brother and sister.

»Most memorable soccer moment? Scoring two goals in the USA's 4-3 historic win over Argentina.

»Biggest sacrifice in his life? Leaving home.

»Heroes: Wayne Gretzky, Dario Brose, Magic Johnson.

»Professional soccer player he admires the most? Roberto Baggio.

»How he feels about playing for his country? Undescribable. You do not understand until you experience it.

»Very close with his twin sister, Tristan.

»Learned to play soccer with the help of his older brother, Josh.

»His father, Tim, played semi-pro hockey.

»His mom, Donna, is a teacher in Fontana.

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