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There were a couple people who I just wanted to thank
that have contributed to the success of this website in providing you all the features.

» The site wouldn’t have been so organized and decent looking (hehe) without the help of Lissa’s Site (www.lissaexplains.com). Thanks for the help cuz I’m so HTML illiterate!!!

» The people at YCJ Footy Photo Service for allowing me to use their pictures. Thank you!

» The Landon yahoogroups for all their support and contributions with pics and info.

» To Kelsia for being such a great help with the site and being my sister site from the beginning. Love ya sis!

» To all my other sister sites.

» To everyone else I forgot to mention! Thanks so much for the info you sent me, allowing me to use your pics, and the great feedback I get from the site!

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