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» You know you're obsessed with Landon when...

Messages in parentheses are my own comments.

» You drive 17 hours to New England, because that's where the 'Quakes are playing their last East-coast game of the season, risk being killed by the home team's fans and you go as close as you can to the 'Quakes' bench to scream at the subs (like Walker) to find out if and where the team is signing autographs and they respond to you while looking at you like you are the most insane person they have ever met. [Laddersweeper10]

» You develop life long hatred of your home team for beating San Jose. [Alyssa]

» You won't let anyone around you wear aftershave or cologne unless it smells like his. [Alyssa]

» All the guys at school are _really_ scared of you because you punched a few in the nose when they said that soccer sucked. [Alyssa]

» You haven't spoken to that "friend" of yours in a year who said LD wasn't hot. [Alyssa]

» Your brother is always yelling, "Look! It's Landon!" So you'll let go of the remote and he can have it. [Alyssa]

» Your family begs guests not to ever mention soccer or MLS in your presence. They've heard it all before..... [Alyssa]

» You refuse to play for your high school team unless they give you number 10 or 21. [Alyssa]

» Your friends insist that there are no unlucky numbers but 10 and 21 as those are the numbers that yank your mouth open about him. They haven't yet found the number to make you shut up. [Alyssa]

» You do your exam paper on the statistical odds of San Jose winning anything without LD. [Alyssa]

» He has a restraining order against you. Oops... [Alyssa]

» You can pick him out in a crowd if all you saw was his legs because you have memorized the shape of his calf muscles. [Alyssa]

» You have a deep pathological hatred of anyone who has had more contact with him than you. [Alyssa]

» You are always asking for LD merchandise for birthdays and Christmas. [Alyssa]

» Guys that like you dye their hair dark and get it permed in futile attempts to get you to like them. [Alyssa]

» Guys that like you start playing soccer in an attempt to woo you, only to have their hopes dashed when you politely inform them that they are NOT LD, so please bugger off. [Alyssa]

» you wait for an hour in in the middle of a huge prickly wet bush to get an autograph with landon....and when he uses your sharpie to sign other peoples autographs than gives it back to you, you forget that sentences usually have verbs in them. [TxRiotgirL87]

» you always think about landon donovan 24-7. [Scorpio0990]

» You beg your parents to renew season tickets to DC United games because last year, all the people who renewed their season tickets (including yourself) got to meet Landon. [soccerlover]

» Whenever someone tells you that they don't know who Landon Donovan is, all your friends say, "Oh no, here she goes," because they know you are going to go off on a very long speal about LD. [soccerlover]

» You go to a week long summer camp and by the end of the first day, everyone already knows about your obsession with Landon because of the numerous pictures of him taped around your room. [soccerlover]

» You think of things to say to him in case you get to meet him. [soccerlover]

» If you do get to meet him, you promptly forget everything you were going to say. [soccerlover]

» you 'pretend' to get married with Landon Donovan during one of his game and celebrate your 'anniversary' every month. Also, wearing a marriage ring and telling everyone your married to him. [USoccerChik04]

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