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» You know you're obsessed with Landon when...

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Here are mine....
» you watch every little move he does on the field and even recognize him on the soccer field even if the screen isn't so clear. [Webmaster Tiff]

» you research the internet for hours and hours reading articles like crazy with anything having to do with Landon. [Webmaster Tiff]

» you start collecting all the "Landon" merchandise ever made. [Webmaster Tiff]

» you call every hotel asking them if Landon is staying there so you can go and stalk him. [Webmaster Tiff]

» you dream about having a life with Landon, children and all that good stuff. [Webmaster Tiff]

» you are able to spot him in a picture that is less than a square inch just by his body language and remebering that picture of him from one of the late night WC games [Dietcokecutie]

» you begin to name your pets and/or stuffed animals after him [Stanford_Star5]

» you where silver rings on your right thumb and left middle finger just like he does [Stanford_Star5]

» you've created a fan site for him (is this a direct hit @ me?, j/p) [Stanford_Star5]

» you've gone to get his autograph so many times that he knows you by name [Stanford_Star5]

» you have memorized his license plate so you can always recognize his car [Stanford_Star5]

» you spend all your freetime at jack-in-the-box because you read from this yahoo group that a fan ran into him there [Stanford_Star5]

» you pay long distance to call the main offices of Bayer Leverkusen and yell and insult them for wanting landon back. [Estela]

» you try to reach the two women that know landon best - his mother and sister [Estela]

» you are willing to pay the opposing team to let landon score, just so you can see him take off his shirt after scoring a goal! [Estela]

» you have taped ever single television appearance he has made [Estela]

» you vote like mad in every single online poll there is about him [Estela]

» you go around school/work saying that landon is your boyfriend/fiance...but he just doesn't know it yet, lol! [Estela]

» you make your term paper about whether or not landon should be blond or go natural... [Estela]

» you purchase (she apparently bought it...hehe) [Donofan2002]

» you start to drink Corona and gobble Jelly Bellies because Landon says he likes them. [Donofan2002]

» you attend every Earthquakes home game to see Landon and take hundreds of pictures of him. [Donofan2002]

» you join and plan to make a landondonvanclub banner for Landon. [Donofan2002]

» you hunt down every magazine with his image in it. [Donofan2002]

» 98% of your soccer appeal has the name Donovan and the number 10 or 21. [Donofan2002]

» you drag yourself to a dingy run down pub in hopes that he might show up. *sigh* [Donofan2002]

» trying to get his picture you get bumped around, stepped on, and crushed at autogarph row by love crazed by teenagers. [Donofan2002]

» you start to notice his pimples, oily facial spots, and wonder what treatments he is using for the problem. Even consider offering some advice. [Donofan2002]

» you look up his shorts at the games. [Donofan2002]

» you consider moving to Germany if Landon gets a recall to Germany. [Donofan2002]

» you think about getting a job with the Earthquakes just so that you can see Landon on a regular basis. [Donofan2002]

» you refer to him as LD and everyone really thinks he's your boyfriend. [tiffy1688]

» your ceiling is full of Landon pictures. [tiffy1688]

» your computer has wallpaper full of Landon pictures. [tiffy1688]

» your screensaver is full of Landon pictures. [tiffy1688]

» you study abroad in germany during college, even though you aren't fluent in the german, so you figure that once you meet Landon, he'll teach you. [tiffy1688]

» you pull a "felicity" where you apply for and attend the nearest college to the Earthquakes stadium or Redlands. [tiffy1688]

» you write your first name and his last name on your homework. [tomboy9021]

» you live in another country and you convince your parents to let you go study in California just to be close to him. [elogarcia2002]

» you meet a new person and the first thing you ask him/her if he/she knows who Landon is. [elogarcia2002]

» you are a memeber of every possible fan club, just to make sure Landon knows you exist. [elogarcia2002]

» you confuse you best friend w/ Landon and in the middle of a conversation you call out his name! OUCH!! [elogarcia2002]

» you buy all the same shirts you've seen Landon wearing, find out what cologne he uses, and spray it all over the shirts! [elogarcia2002]

» you pray every night so that he falls in love w/ you the moment he sees you! [elogarcia2002]

» you don't have a boyfriend and you're not interested in getting one, just because you're saving yourself for Landon! [elogarcia2002]

» you start bidding like crazy on his memorabilia on ebay just so you can claim that you are the proud owner of whatever it was that LD signed! [Alena105]

» all the people you know tell you that you'll never meet him and you know you will. [bethsoccer1998]

» you do the impossible to meet him. For example, being 17 yrs. old and going to another state to meet him, etc. [bethsoccer1998]

» you pack up your stuff and fly from your home in MN down to CA to go to Landon's game and when you told him who you were, he said "what are YOU doin here?" and gave you a hug at the autograph session and you kissed him on the cheek (whoops!) Then, 36 hours later, you were in Kansas City and he smiled at you when he saw your sign that said "Minnesota Luvs Landon!!" And you're only 15 1/2 years old! hehe! And every year since his return from Germany,(well I guess that's only your parents get you season tickets to the Wizards (the closest MLS team to where I live, 7 hours away!) just so you can see Landon's team play against the Wizards! [soccersteph21]

» you're wall's are completely covered in landon pictures (i only have one on my wall but i know that would be a dead giveaway if someone's walls were covered). [KateDaGreat104]

» you try out for a soccer club (thats going to austrailia -knowing almost full well that you aren't going to make it) just because your dad agreed that if you made it he'd send you to and LTD game. and when you found out you made it you automatically thought, "YES! THIS IS MY CHANCE TO MEET HIM!" completely forget the fact that you are going to austrailia. he's just that much more of a priority in your life... [Dietcokecutie]

» You write his name, or I <3 Landon Donovan, or something to that effect all over your notebooks and books in school. [Devilnangelgrl37]

» You talk so much about Landon that everyone in school knows your obsessed, and they know almost as much as you, and yell at you if they even hear soccer mentioned, because they know his name is coming up. [Devilnangelgrl37]

» Your friends avoid talking about hot celebrities around you because they know you can go on for hours about Landon. [Devilnangelgrl37]

» If you even see a tiny bit of him on tv or in a magazine or see his name you scream, and jump up and down. Even if you see Donovan you scream in hopes that it will be him. [Devilnangelgrl37]

» If someone even mentions California you get into a big conversation about how you should live in the Redlands or San Jose so you can see Landon. [Devilnangelgrl37]

» You live in NJ, and you beg your parents to get you MetroStars tickets when they're playin San Jose so you can go, and say you will keep your room clean for a month if you can go. [Devilnangelgrl37]

» You live in NJ and beg your parents to let you go to Washington DC to go to the All Star team so you can be within less then a mile of Landon. [Devilnangelgrl37]

» the faculty at school has considered stealing magazines from doctors offices' w/ Landon's pic in it for you. [Dietcokecutie]

» he takes his shirt off and starts dancing when he scores a goal. Also when you dream of him having a life,children, and also dates with him. and a lot of kisses. also when you see alot of pics. he's such. a hottie. i wish i went out with him. i'll give anything to go out with him. Donie is so hottttttttttttttttt. [OlBohorqu]

» Your best friend sends you a rose on Valentine's Day, saying its from Landon Donovan. [AFrankie87]

» You find yourself driving by his home even though it is out of the way from your school to see if his hot BMW is parked out in front.

» You ask Landon for his sock after a game and still having it tacked up to your wall. [Forevasuperstar]

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