Today is

» Landon is...

» Awesome at playing soccer! He's got the good looks too, even better! But its all about how he plays. You don't have to be cute to be a STAR. Also he has the best sportmanship ever. He'll walk away from a fight. He's got the skills and the looks. [kaperez]

» human. when I met him, he was kind of a jerk because everyone wanted an autograph. but he stayed 2 hours late just to make sure everyone got an autograph, which I thought was kind of neat. he also laughed at my poster that read, "landon take off the shirt!!" see, he's just a normal guy... not freaking mel gibson!! [rxybabe182]

» SO Sweet. He's also very respectful of girls! I read that he said he wants a "nice girl who is somewhat innocent and naive". Is that cute or what?!?! [KateDaGreat104]

» a freakin' awesome soccer player- I know lots of people only like him for his looks, but that's cutting him of some is what he does, not modeling.[megstar83000]

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