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[Chapter 4]

Things are going real well for Madison and Landon, well their separate lives that is… Madison is sitting at home waiting for Landon to come home, so the two can hang out, as usual, when someone knocks on the door.

“Landon, you’re so silly, you have keys too,” shouts Madison. She opens the door only to find Jamie, Landon’s ex-girlfriend.

“Madison,” greets Jamie.

“What’s going on Jamie? Landon’s not here” replies Madison.

“We need to talk,” says Jamie in a serious tone.

“Come in, what’s going on. You and LD broke up like a few weeks ago,” replies Madison.

“I just need to know, is anything going on with you and Landon?” asks Jamie.

“What do you mean? He’s just a friend” replies Madison.

“Just a friend? You two seemed more than that when I stopped by. You know, things with me and Landon weren’t going too well. And I just need to know what’s going on between the two of you. I know that I should move on, but there are just some unanswered questions; things that I need to know” says Jamie as she sits down.

“Look, I’ve known Landon since we were toddlers. Landon is like the brother I’ve never had. I am sorry things didn’t work out between you two, but Landon never talked about you. When you came, it was the first time I have even heard or seen you. It’s sad when relationships don’t work out, but I have nothing to do with it. Landon was just being an ass. But I mean who isn’t an ass sometimes. He’s still a great guy,” explains Madison.

“He’s a great guy,” replies Jamie.

“Landon will be home soon, if you two want to talk. I’ll get out of your way. You know you have nothing to worry about when it comes to me. I’ll be back at UMass in five weeks,” reminds Madison.

-- Landon walks in--

“Madison, Jamie, what’s going on?” asks Landon.

“I’m going for a walk, you two need to talk,” replies Madison as she heads out the door.

“She’s right, Landon, we need to talk,” says Jamie.

“What’s there to talk about? We’re over and that’s it,” says Landon.

“What’s going on? Ever since Madison came you’ve been a total ass to me. What did I do? I just need to know that,” asks Jamie.

“It’s not Madison. It’s me. It’s you. We’re not getting along too well. The chemistry is not there. I’m not there. We’re distant. I just feel like I can’t talk to you…” says Landon.

“Like the way you talk to Madison…” interrupts Jamie, “I understand. It’s all I need to know and I just wanted to hear it from your mouth. Don’t let her go Landon. I know that we’re not close anymore, but take it from someone who knows you. Go for it. Go be with her.”

“Her?” questions Landon.

“Madison,” says Jamie before she walks out and leaves Landon’s life forever.

Dear Diary,

Jamie coming just gave me the creeps. First Impressions of Jamie: Psycho-woman. After talking with her: she’s really sweet and down to earth. Guys put up crap towards girls. I can’t blame Jamie for searching for answers. But I wonder what they were talking about. I genuinely feel guilty for any problems I have caused. But I guess I’ve been known to cause trouble by accident. I’ve also been known to run from my feelings. Growing up with a family that moves a lot. It’s real hard. I’ve often used the excuse of traveling and moving around to not commit to a relationship. No guy has ever questioned that excuse. I am scared shit of falling in love, being swept off my feet and getting dumped. I’ve seen all those chick flicks on airplanes. I know what’s going on. I just believe that when the time is right, the right guy will come and he will never let me go. How did we get from Jamie and love? I’m getting all teary eyed just thinking about it.


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