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[Chapter 17]

“Thanks for coming Carey,” says Madison.

“Hey, I’ll always be there for you. Landon seemed real concerned when he called. I’ll be here for you, day and night. Don’t forget that. Do you feel like hanging out with the gang today? I mean you don’t have classes till Tuesday. So have some fun. Don’t mope around,” smiles Carey.

“Sounds good,” smiles Madison.

“Hey, a bunch of us are going skiing during spring break in a few weeks. You should come with us; it will be fun,” says Carey.

“Thanks Carey. It’ll be fun,” smiles Madison.


Dear Diary,

Nothing much has been happening for the past week. Just trying to keep myself busy again. But I’ve been going out, watching sports games, and planning our ski trip in the spring. Things have been going a lot better. Cassie is doing real well, and hanging in there. Landon is off playing soccer somewhere and I’m still at UMass studying. Spring break is next week, it’s a lot earlier this year. Carey, Mike, Eric and I are headed to Vermont for the weekend to ski, and then I’m headed back to Redlands for a couple of days before I come back to school to finish the school year. So it should be fun; I’m just taking things one day at a time, better yet, one step at a time.


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