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[Chapter 16]

“Oh my god! I really have to get going,” says Madison as she jumps out of bed.

“Is something wrong?” says Landon.

“No. I just have to go,” says Madison.

“Don’t forget to call your parents. I’ll be here, if you need anything,” says Landon.

“Thanks, Landon; for everything,” says Madison as she hugs Landon, “I’ll call mom and dad when I get back to the dorm.”

“You can call now, if you want. I just don’t want you to be alone when you do this,” says Landon.

“What time is your flight?” asks Madison.

“The team is leaving for the airport in 4 hours. Call them, Madison,” says Landon as he hands Madison the phone.

“Ok,” says Madison.

Dear Diary,

Of course I miss my parents, but I can’t help feel jealous because I’ve been through a countless number of tough times in college and I guess, well I’ve always turned to different people. The people who I rely on the most during my childhood are never there for me. So it was difficult to call my parents. I’m really lucky to have Landon as a friend after all we’ve been through. Well, I called mom and dad at Landon’s hotel room. I found out that Cassie is real sick and my aunt and uncle can’t afford home nursing care. My mom, a registered nurse offered to take care of Cassie, while my aunt and uncle went to work. My dad’s just there to watch the house, and make sure that everyone else is taking care of themselves. I couldn’t get into an argument with my parents, they are trying to do a good thing and I have enough people here to help me deal with this problem. I guess the biggest problem with me is feeling like I don’t belong. Everyone here has their roots. And even if they feel alone, there’s always someone from their home state in this college or has some commonality with them. I have trouble opening up to people. I never express my feelings well. Landon knows how to calm me down, he just sits and waits until I’m ready to talk. It always works. I’ll miss Landon. For a minute there, everything felt so right, even when I heard about Cassie that I forgot that we broke up. After I talked to mom and dad, Landon took me back to the dorm room. We shared our good byes, not knowing when we’ll see each other, but we promised to keep in touch whether it was through the phone, email or instant messaging. Afterwards, Carey came to my room. Landon had called her earlier to watch me when he left. It was nice and thoughtful of him to do so.


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