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[Chapter 14]

Recap: Landon visits Madison after a soccer game against the Revolution. He plays with Madison’s dartboard with his picture tacked onto it. He hits the board three times, while Madison misses the picture four times. Landon and Madison talk a bit and finally have some closure to their relationship before Madison invites Landon out for a walk around the campus.

“So how are things going?” asks Madison.

“Ok, nothing big. Got called up to the national team again. We’re playing a few games in March and April,” says Landon.

“That’s great. I guess with me, still in school, studying,” says Madison, “I’m actually going to help plan a sporting event. It’s a 3 on 3 basketball tournament. Everyone in our class is going to help get sponsors and it’s the biggest game in this area.”

“You seem very excited. I’m happy for you, that things are looking up,” says Landon.

“Yeah but I guess we were both left hanging. At least with me, I couldn’t really move on with my life without knowing the answers. But part of me didn’t want to know what was going on. I don’t really know why,” says Madison.

“I had that feeling too. I guess, we were both afraid of getting the answers to our questions. But I think we’ve reached an understanding. So, how’s you mom and dad?” asks Landon.

“They’re ok. We keep in touch now and then. But it’s hard. Sometimes, it’s just hard and hard to find someone to turn to just to talk. So it’s hard for me to open up and just be who I am,” says Madison.

“I guess that’s the toughest part, being away from family. I was in Germany playing soccer and it was hard not having someone to talk to. Everyone spoke German. I always found myself sitting next to the phone talking to Tristan a lot,” says Landon.

"But now, it’s like I have to wait for their call or I miss their call, since they are constantly traveling. So I keep busy with work. Sometimes, I hang out with my friends, but you can’t help but wonder what’s happening with my parents. And there are just some things you don’t bitch to your friends about. I’m just not a showy person or bitchy either,” says Madison.

“I know. I guess, we’ve both had it rough at one point of in our lives,” says Landon.

“I’ve never told anyone that before. I just tend to go with the flow,” says Madison.

“Sometimes, it’s good to go with the flow, sometimes you’ve got to be yourself and show them who you are, good and bad. But if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, you can always call me to talk. I know we’ve been through a lot, but I just hope that we can get past everything and remain friends,” says Landon.

“I know, you’ve always been there for me. If there’s something you can’t tell Tristan, you can always call me. I know you and Tristan are very close,” says Madison.

“Yeah, but there are some things we don’t talk about,” laughs Landon.

“Yeah, like what?” laughs Madison.

“Thinking… Girls. We don’t talk about relationships,” says Landon.

“So, you’re suppose to call me to talk about girls, since you don’t talk about that with Tristan,” jokes Madison.

“No, my mom gives me an earful on that. Tristan only steps in if she thinks I’m dating a bitch. No joke,” laughs Landon.

“So what else do you not talk to Tristan about?” asks Madison.

“Um, sports,” says Landon.

“Sports??? But she’s like your number one fan and you both are competitive,” says Madison.

“Yeah, but she knows I’m doing well, no need to talk about it. I know she’s doing well, no need to talk about that. We’re both happy always,” says Landon, “Oh but we don’t really talk about problems. I mean sure we have our fair share and I tell her some, but I just don’t divulge all my secrets to her. Besides, there’s already a lot to talk about.”

“It must be great to be close to someone. All my life, I had two best friends. When I was young, it was you. Now, add Carey to that list. But I’ve always relied on my parents for everything that I forget what single life is like, that I tend to shut up to kind of mesh in,” says Madison as she and Landon sit on a bench.

“Don’t worry about fitting in. You’ve got great friends. Just be who you are and be happy,” says Landon, “Are you getting cold?”

“Yeah,” laughs Madison, “I’m still not use to the weather up here. So much snow.”

“Madison,” calls Landon.

“Yeah,” says Madison as Landon throws a snowball at her, “Landon Donovan you get back here. I owe you a snowball!”

Landon starts running as Madison throws a few snowballs, some hit him and most missed him. Suddenly, Landon comes up to Madison and tackles her down. “Gotcha!” says Landon.

“No fair, you run after people for a living,” says Madison.

Suddenly, Carey, Carly, Mike and Eric walk by. “So you’ve finally gotten out of your room,” says Carey.

“So who’s this?” asks Eric.

“Hey,” says Landon as he turns around and gets up.

Dear Diary,

I guess, everyone was surprised to see Landon. I was kind of glad that Carey and Carly walked by. Who knows what would have happened with Landon. But we all went bowling and played against each other in teams. I just happened to be paired with Landon, since Mike and Carey go out and Carly didn’t want to be Landon’s partner. But we won!! Actually, Landon won it, since I suck at bowling. The ball was too heavy, so Landon had to help me carry it and we still bowled it granny style. It was fun, all of us hanging out. The first time I had fun with everyone in a long time. Well, Landon leaves tomorrow. It was fun talking to him; I guess we finally opened up, what we couldn’t do before.


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