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[Chapter 13]

For the next three weeks, Madison kept herself very busy studying so she could forget about Landon, or at least try to. Everyone has noticed her rigorous study habits, even her professors. Her grades have improved to a 4.0 and everyone is worried. She hasn’t been going out, but she’s been eating healthy, “getting the servings in each food group,” says Carey. Normally this would be good, but it’s not Madison; being book smart will get her nowhere, especially when she’s such a people person. Well she has to be in the sports industry.

“Knock, knock,” says Carly.

“Oh hey,” says Madison.

“So how’s everything going?” asks Carly.

“Fine, ok. Well no, but life goes on,” says Madison.

“Landon?” asks Carly.

“Haven’t heard from him. I don’t know what to think. I’m just angry, I mean that’s a pathetic excuse to break up with me, separate lives crap and college, I thought we talked about it before we became boyfriend and girlfriend. I just wonder if there’s another girl, then again Landon wouldn’t do that. But it’s so… so cowardly to come and visit and then dump me over the phone,” Madison finally confesses, “Is that how it was with Brendan, your first boyfriend?”

“We went out all through high school and he cheated on me. I would much rather get that excuse than walk in on him and that blondie. But then again, I knew that we were going to break up sooner or later. We just grew distant,” says Carly, “But I’ve learned to move on.”

“So what’s in the bag?” asks Madison.

“I am passing this on to you. It’s the “How Carly dealt with the break-up over Brendan dartboard,” says Carly, “I hung this board up and tacked a picture of him and just threw darts to vent my anger. I got pretty good at darts. But pretty soon, you learn that…. Nah I’ll tell you later. Give it a try.”

“Ok,” says Madison as she hangs the dartboard on the wall and tacks a magazine picture of Landon.

“Well, I’ve got to go to class, but have fun,” says Carly as she leaves.

“Carly’s a little crazy sometimes. Never painted her as a dart-throwing venter,” says Madison as she picks up a dart.

Madison throws a dart and misses the picture! She throws another dart and misses again, and then again and then again. “Wow I must really suck,” says Madison as she picks up the darts and puts them on the dresser, “Maybe I should get closer to the board.”

As Madison steps closer to the board, a dart comes flying towards the board and hits Landon the picture on “his” nose. Another comes flying by and hits “his” mouth. Thinking that Carly came back, Madison smiles and turns around only to see the real Landon.

“Hey Madison,” says Landon as he throws another dart, this time hitting “his” forehead.

“Hey. Um…. did you have a game?” asks Madison.

“No, practice with the national team,” says Landon.

“Cool,” says Madison.

“I’ve been a real jerk,” says Landon as he throws another dart, “This dart game is easy. How did you miss the board?”

“Well, I did,” says Madison.

“Can we talk?” asks Landon.

“Well I’ve got a lot of work to do,” says Madison.

“Come on, Madison, the least you can do is give me ten minutes of your time just to talk, no fighting, but just to talk,” asks Landon.

“Ok, just to talk,” says Madison.

“I just came to visit you because you’re the only person I know in this state. Well you know what I mean. I think I owe you an explanation, face to face,” says Landon.

“I think I owe you one too,” says Madison.

“I said that long distance relationships are tough, since we both have separate lives. I just felt that things have changed. I just realized that we were going different directions. You have your education and career and I have soccer. You deserve better and sometimes, soccer is my first priority. I didn’t want to be the part time boyfriend to you,” says Landon.

“Landon, what are you doing to me? All this time, I thought there was something wrong with me, or another girl, or soccer, or you. I was clueless. We’ve talked about our good times either together or in our own lives that I guess especially with me, I never brought my problems onto you until that night we broke up,” says Madison, “I guess I vented on you that night because I wanted you to say something that would prove Carey wrong, but every time I got to thinking, I realized that Carey was right. And you were right too, that I have college to look forward to. But I guess I just became a bookworm to forget about life and remember what I am at UMass for.”

“I guess we both had problems opening up. Things just became different with distance. But I guess I just needed to know that you’re ok. I just wanted to see for sure and I guess this break up has been hard on you as it is on me. Well good luck with school, I’d better get going,” says Landon.

“Wait Landon, wait. Do you want to go for a walk? Around campus? I mean, if you have time and not leaving yet,” asks Madison.

“Yeah sure, I’m not leaving till tomorrow morning. I mean if you have time and not a lot work to do,” says Landon.

“Nah. I have some free time,” says Madison.

Dear Diary,

So Landon came to visit and the whole dartboard thing, weird. Thanks Carly. Anyways, I’ll keep this entry short. Landon’s visit opened me up and we both got what we were looking for.


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