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[Chapter 10]

What’s new? Madison has been busy with schoolwork. It’s been three months since she came back from California. Madison and Landon talk on the phone, sometimes on Friday nights, since he has weekend games. About Madison: This is her sophomore year at UMass, where is she studying sport management. UMass is in Amherst Massachusetts, population, not so many people. So during her weekends, Madison usually hangs out with friends or parties. But lately Madison has not been a party pooper, but a bookworm. She has been studying hard, spending less time with her friends. Though Madison says she is happy, her friends wonder what happened in California, since she has returned a different person.

“Hey Madison, Lindsey and I are going to hang out with the guys, want to come?” asks her friend Carey.

“No thanks, I’ve got to finish this essay for McLean’s class. Then I’m going to watch the Earthquake-Galaxy game,” says Madison.

“We need to talk. Lately, well ever since you came back from California, you’ve been acting a little different. We haven’t had time to hang out much. Last year, we would always do that or party. You even turned down tickets to a Red Sox game. What is going on?” asks Carey.

“Nothing. I just have priorities and parties can wait. Done!” says Madison as she finishes her essay.

“Priorities for school? Or a priority is Landon. We all know you two are very close. Come on, schoolwork over us? You are constantly waiting for him to email or call you. Landon has his own life in Cali and he’s making the most of his life, why can’t you? Lindz and I, and well everyone, Brian, Mike, Bobby, Carly, David and everyone else, miss you. Some of them haven’t even seen you all year. We miss Madison,” says Carey.

“I don’t know what’s happening to me. I really didn’t mean to not spend time with you all. I miss Landon and sometimes I’d rather sit by the phone or computer and wait for him. That’s all. I’ll tell you what, why don’t we all hang out Friday night,” says Madison.

“Sure, how bout now? You can tape Landon,” says Carey.

“We’ll hang out Friday, not today,” says Madison.

“Well, I guess there’s nothing I can do to convince you to go out,” says Carey.

Dear Diary,

OK I haven’t written in a while. Three months; since last summer. I’ve been very busy with schoolwork. Landon and I have kept touch over the phone and email sometimes. We’ve both been very busy. Me with school and him with soccer. Carey is right. I’m lost. I guess I am forgetting who I am, ever since I got together with Landon. But she doesn’t understand that I’m happy, very happy. I just miss Landon, that’s all. Ok, I’m making myself kind of lonely. I just would rather watch Landon or talk to him than hang out with my friends, but that’s just wrong. I’m hanging out with them Friday night. That should make up for things. I hope… I just am really sorry that I’m losing myself and forgetting about my friends.


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