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[Chapter 9]

"Abigail, you got to help me!" Riley whined to Landon's best friend. She realized that Danika was getting to Landon.

"With what..?" Abigail asked getting in her car. The smell of her perfume filled the car.

"I have to get Landon, I need him!" Riley said sweetly, trying to persuade Abigail to help her.

"So, what's the deal? Just put on some of that lip gloss and lay one on him!" Abigail joked as she looked closely at Riley. Landon was an idiot for breaking up with her because she refused to go out with anyone but him.

"Not funny Abby. I think Danika is getting to him, he's slowly falling for her, I know it." Riley said angrily as she remembered the way they looked at each other the other day.

"That Danika what's-her-face? Nah girl, he wouldn't go for her! You kiddin' me? Landon? Landon Donovan… nope don't believe it." Abigail had known Danika for a while and Landon never even mentioned her name, never in her mind would she think that Landon would fall for such a girl.

"You don't get it, you should have seen them, the way they looked at each other, ugh it made me sick!"

"Okay, okay chill homegirl, I'll help you."

"Thank you, thank you!" Riley screamed as she hugged Abigail tightly. She now had hope that she would finally get Landon to where she wanted him.

"I got a plan..." Abigail began as Riley listened closely and carefully.

-- _ _ -- Later, with Landon and Danika -- _ _ --

"I can't believe I'm doing this and tagging you along with me!" Danika complained as they walked to the meetings she had to attend every Tuesdays for people with eating disorders. She hated the whole idea with sharing her feelings out but she was determined to stay quiet through all the meetings.

"It's going to be good for you and plus you had to share the fun with someone." Landon joked as he looked ahead. He was glad he was going with Danika because he felt he was a positive influence on her. Danika smiled and continued walking. She was so grateful to Landon for being with her all this time, he didn't have to yet he still did. They barely knew each other yet he remained such a good friend.

"Here we are." Landon finally said as they entered the big room where the meetings were going to take place.

"Please don't make me go Landon!" Danika cried as she held on tightly to him.

"Shh… it's okay, you'll be fine." Landon replied as he ran his hands through her soft hair.

"I believe you are Danika correct?" A young woman at the front desk asked. Danika nodded her head sadly, still holding on to Landon tightly.

"Come this way honey, oh and sir you must remain here, no visitors can participate in the meeting."

"I'll wait for you here okay? You'll be fine, it's only an hour long." Landon said as he released Danika from his arms. She nodded her head and followed the woman, Landon watching her every move. Danika looked back and saw Landon smiling at her, which made everything better right away.

"Girls, welcome, my name is Susan and I will be more than just a teacher here, I will be your friend." The same woman who had led Danika in the room said with a huge smile on her face.

"Yeah right." She heard another girl say. Danika looked around and she saw girls, mostly girls her age and was surprised to find that they all looked alike. Every single one of the girls looked down at the floor like it was the most amazing thing they had ever seen, each girl had so much pain and suffering in their eyes, and each girl had the same problem. Throughout the whole hour, Susan had talked about her experience with Anorexia and Danika was amazed at how alike they were. None of the other girls made any attempt to speak especially Danika since she was planning to remain silent through all the meetings. The time went by fast and before Danika knew it, the meeting was over.

"Thank you for your time girls and I hope that next time, I will hear more experiences from you. See you next Tuesday and remember you are to go straight to the Hospital!" Susan had said as all the girls got up and left.

"Hey!" Landon greeted Danika when he saw her walk out of the room.

"Hey, that was a waste of my hour!" She replied as they left the building. She was getting upset because she knew she had to go back to the hospital where she would be all alone again.

"How about I take you to the beach?" Landon offered as he looked at his clock. 8:30, it read, the beach was still opened.

"What?" Danika asked, laughing.

"You know... the beach… I haven't been there in so long and I know you don't wanna go back to the hospital!"

"You're crazy, I'll be in so much trouble!" As much as she wanted to go, she knew that when her doctor came in for testing and he would find her missing, she would be in a lot of trouble.

"Oh come on Danika, have some fun in your life. I mean, you only live once!" Landon said as he threw a one million dollar smile, a smile that Danika couldn't resist, the smile she suddenly lived for.

"Alright but if we get caught, it's all your fault!"

Landon laughed as they ran towards the beach since it was only a couple of minutes away.


"This is so beautiful." Danika commented as she looked at the waves. They reminded her of how life used to be when she was little. Her father was always home, her mother was always home, life was perfect.

"Yeah…" Landon sighed. The wind blew softly as Landon thought of how perfect life could be, but his was so far from perfect. Goosebumps began to cover Danika's body and Landon felt her shivers. He wrapped his giving arms around her shoulders as they continued walking. Danika smiled, as she smelled the fresh air mixed in with the scent of the ocean, how she wanted her old life back but being with Landon came close to the perfect life she wanted.

"Do you like getting wet?" Landon asked, throwing Danika off guard.

"W-What?" She laughed. Suddenly Landon picked her up and ran to the waters. When he was deep enough he dropped her in the warm ocean waters and laughed.

"Oh my god you jerk!" Danika snapped as she playfully slapped him.

"I hate you!" She laughed as she looked into his eyes. His eyes were shining like diamonds and his angelic face put a smile on her face.

"You hate me?" Landon asked, looking into her eyes.

"No, I couldn't hate you, you're the most wonderful person I've ever met!" She finally told him how she felt, he was the most wonderful person she had ever met and he deserved to know.

"Yeah I know, I am pretty wonderful aren't I?" Landon said laughing.

"Shut up and kiss me." Danika finally said as she leaned forward, their lips meeting right away. Landon kissed her passionately and ran his hands through her hair, life was perfect. For that time, he forgot all the problems that existed in his life. And for Danika, as soon as their eyes met, she knew it was magic.

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