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[Chapter 7]

Landon ran through the halls of St. Joseph's Hospital, praying for the better… he feared the worst, that Danika starved herself, she went too far.

"What room is Danika Elyse in?" He yelled at the woman sitting at the front desk.

"Sir, please calm down. Let me check the computer." She replied calmly, trying to calm Landon who was screaming.

"Room 304 Sir." The woman replied pleasantly but Landon took off before she even finished. He ran upstairs, he was very used to the hospital... he had been there a few times before. He ran through the halls and it immediately made him sick looking at all the young children laying there sick not knowing if they would live to even reach their teenage years. He finally came to room 304, Danika's mother could be seen inside. Without any hesitation he walked inside.

"Hi, Mrs. Elyse… my name is Landon Donovan, I'm Danika's friend." He said quietly. He looked over at Danika and his jaw dropped. She looked so fragile, she was so skinny, and you could see her bones. She was black and blue; she looked like she got into a terrible accident although it wasn't an accident… Danika had done this to herself.

"Oh Danika! What is she doing to herself?" Mrs. Elyse cried. She had heard Danika talk about Landon to Davina a lot, she knew he made her happy. She blamed everything on herself. She knew that if she were a better mother, nothing would happen to her precious angel.

"My baby." She continued crying. Landon wrapped his hand around her tense shoulders and tried to comfort her but he knew there was nothing he could do to ease the pain.

"What happened to her?" Landon asked, not taking his eyes off of Jackie.

"Well she was coming down the stairs to get her backpack when all of a sudden she falls down the stairs… she had fainted. The doctors said she hadn't eaten in over 3 weeks, oh God, how could I have let this happen!" She screamed. Landon felt so much pity for Mrs. Elyse… he knew she was a good mother, Danika didn't give her a chance.

"No one could have stopped her. Believe me, I have tried… it seemed like she was going to stop, oh God why didn't I get her help when I found out?" He blamed himself as he punched the wall.

"I want her to be happy when she finally wakes up… if she does wake up…" Mrs. Elyse replied sadly. She wanted everything for her daughter but she knew she couldn't give it to her. Danika hated her and there was nothing she could do.

"Don't talk like that Mrs. Elyse. She will wake up, Danika is strong. She doesn't give up." Landon replied. He walked over to the bed and took a seat on the white sheets. He squeezed her hand but it felt like there was nothing there. What can I do for her? He asked himself as he tried to remember if she had mentioned anything to him, finally it got to him! He knew the only person that could make Danika happy, and even better…

"Mrs. Danika, I have an idea…" Landon said to Danika's hopeless mother. Mrs. Elyse lifted her head and began to listen to Landon's idea, praying that whatever the idea was, could bring her fragile daughter back.

*4 Hours Later*

Landon waited impatiently for the person to arrive. He wondered if the person would even come… if he even cared anymore. Deep down inside he knew that the person would care, he had to!

"Hey, how is she?" Davina and Riley asked as they walked inside Danika's room. Landon was surprised to see Riley even come, she never cared for Danika.

"She hasn't woken up…" He replied sadly. Davina walked over to her bed and grabbed her hand.

"Oh my God, she's so tiny!" She cried. She couldn't believe that she didn't know what was going on with Danika, her best friend.

Landon nodded his head and looked over at Riley. She had her hand over her mouth; she too was shocked to see Danika that way.

"I had no idea. I never thought this was going on." Riley replied as she took a seat next to Landon. She embraced him with a big hug that she knew he needed so much. Landon quickly pulled away, giving Danika a dirty look. He knew why she was really there. She didn't care what happened to Danika. She was there because he was there. Landon walked over to Mrs. Elyse who was looking out of the window. She had been crying the whole day, blaming herself for everything.

"She loves you Mrs. Elyse, she really does." Landon said as he looked at the gloomy sky outside. It was raining and the thunder made it even worse.

"I love her too, I love her so much Landon, why though? Why does she do that herself?" Danika's mother cried.

"She said she wasn't getting enough attention from you, maybe that's why?" Landon suggested as he continued looking outside.

"Well… things are going to be different… much different." Mrs. Elyse replied. She knew she had to make immediate changes in her life, for her own sake and for her daughter's sake.

"I'm afraid he's not going to come Landon!"

"Don't be afraid, I'm right here." A voice said from the room. Everyone turned around and there stood the man they were looking for the whole time. A smile lit upon Landon's face… he imagined how happy Danika would be.

"Danny, thank you for coming!" Danika's mother replied happily. He nodded his head but when he spotted Danika, the smile disappeared.

"Oh my God, sweetheart!" He cried as he ran up to Danika.

"Oh baby girl, please wake up!" He cried. He held her hand in his as he sang a song to her that he would sing when she was little. His tear fell on Danika's face as he continued singing. He closed his eyes to see if this was all a horrible dream when he heard everyone else gasp with happiness. He looked at Danika and her eyes were open, he could feel her every breath when she finally managed to say…


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