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[Chapter 5]

Danika ran as fast as she could to her car afraid to look back. She felt so disgusting and horrible. She could still taste the ice cream in her mouth as her body shivered from the thought that it would eventually turn into fat. She didn't care that she left Landon totally speechless, all she cared about was herself... she was allowed to be selfish once in while.

She drove all the way home, speeding up as she passed by a new street. Her house was near the school so she didn't have to drive too far even though she deeply wanted to. Danika got out of her car and ran to her door as soon as she heard another car pull up.

"Danika wait, please!" She heard another voice call… it sounded too familiar to her. She decided not to listen to the voice but she stopped walking as she felt a gentle hand on her shoulder. She turned her head around and there stood Landon, with a worried look on his face.

"Landon, this is not a good time at all..." She sobbed quietly as she sat on the steps to her front door.

"Maybe, but I am not leaving these steps until you tell me what is wrong." He said quietly taking a seat next to Danika. She moved over a little, giving Landon an unwelcome vibe.

"N-nothing, it's nothing serious. I just remember something sad… that's all." She stuttered.

"I'm not stupid Danika. I know that you are lying to me, now come on!" He demanded as he watched Danika cry in bitter pain. She held her face in her tiny, shivering hands and she cried harder and harder with every word that Landon said.

"I c-can't tell you Landon, you won't understand." She replied, holding back her pain.

"You never know unless you try Danika, maybe I can help you!" Landon pleaded. He knew exactly what was going on with her but he wanted her to admit it to him.

"No, leave me alone!"

"Danika, I can't, I am involved. Actually, you know what? I know what is wrong with you, you are anorexic!" He yelled which made Danika's body jump a little. With the sound of that word, she began to cry harder and harder because no one ever noticed or seemed to care.

"But why Danika?" Landon questioned her.

"Why? Look at me!" She yelled as she stood up looking at her reflection in the screen door. Landon took a good look at her but all he saw was a skinny girl who was going through hard times and needed serious treatment.

Danika wanted to run inside and never show her face to the world, she was ashamed because someone found out. "You know, tomorrow I bet this will be all around school, you know why Landon? Because you're a perfect human being and doesn't need to worry about anything because all your life you've had it easy!" Danika screamed at him. She wanted him to be mad at her and to never speak to her again, which was the way things had always been.

"That's not true. Everyone thinks I'm so perfect but I'm not, especially now since I have met you." He looked into her pale eyes as he saw so much torture and pain in them; he almost wanted to cry with her.

"Does anyone know, your family?"

"Ha! My family? Who says I even have a family?"

"I'm sure you do, I mean everyone does." Landon replied with a sense of pride, his mother had done everything for him and she was his best friend.

"What makes you think that you know me now huh? You don't, so please don't pretend that you do!" She screamed as she finally ran inside, to escape from everything.

"Damn it!" Landon yelled angrily as he walked to his car. He knew that it was up to him to save Danika before things turned deadly.

-- _ _ -- At Landon's house -- _ _ --

"Mom, what exactly is anorexia?" Landon asked his mother who was cooking dinner.

"Well, honey, it's a very serious eating disorder that happens to men and female and in the end, it could be fatal." It hit Landon hard when his mother said the word 'fatal'. He knew that if Danika didn't stop, she would die and it would be his entire fault because he failed to do anything about it.

"It is all because of the constant pressure of having a perfect body." His mother continued. "Some are in denial of having an eating disorder yet some people come right into the open with this. I think it's such a horrid thing! You should never compare yourself to anyone Landon, you're perfect the way you are!" His mother explained as she embraced him with a warm hug. Landon thanked his mom and gave her a kiss goodnight, his mind in full remembrance of the tears that Danika had cried earlier.

-- _ _ -- At school -- _ _ --

Danika walked to school with red and puffy eyes from the constant crying during the night. She didn't get any sleep. She expected for people to come up to her with pity yet no one did, she was thankful. She didn't feel bad for yelling at Landon, it was none of his business. She spotted him sitting with his friends as he looked at her. He gave her a blank look. She then left and stopped by her locker.

"18, 30, 10." She said the combination quietly to herself. She felt like someone was watching her as she opened her locker. To her surprise, she found a bouquet of flowers and a little note. She opened up the note and read, "I'm sorry, I hope you can still train me, signed Landon Donovan." She sighed heavily as she smelled the scented flowers. She turned around and sure enough Landon was looking at her. Danika wanted him to know she appreciated the flowers so she gave him a quick smile, grabbed the flowers and headed to her first class.

"Come on Landon." Riley said to Landon as she dragged him and his thoughts of happiness away.

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