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[Chapter 3]

'Beep… Beep… Beep' Danika's alarm clock went off. She quickly turned the sound off and sat on her bed.

"Great… another day of boring school, I'm so psyched." She said sarcastically as she went into the bathroom where her mom was already waiting for her. Her mother, Mrs. Elyse was a quiet, hard working woman who loved her family very much. She crossed her arms and positioned herself in front of the door to the bathroom.

"Move please." Danika asked but to Mrs. Elyse it sounded like a demand.

"Danika, we need to talk..."

"About what mom… about how you don't even know I exist, or wait how about how you are never there for me… take your pick." Danika yelled trying to stop herself from crying all over again.

"Honey, I do realize that I spend too much time at work but that is only because I need the money to support you and your brother. No one else helps me. I don't get it Danika, you're always mad at me, but never at your father!"

"That's totally different mom! Don't bring him into this!" She yelled back. She hated talking about her father and she hated him even more. He left them when Danika was only 5 years old and she never received a phone call from her dad again.

Her mother sighed heavily and went on about how much she loved Danika and nothing could change that, basically she said the same thing every time they had a fight.

"Whatever mom, I don't want to talk about this anymore." Danika snapped, pushing her mother away. She finally got into the bathroom where she cried every day hoping everything would be alright. Her mother brushed her hair back and left to her room, tears still sliding down her face.

-- _ _ -- At school -- _ _ --

When she got to school on Monday, all Danika heard about was Landon's accident. She made her way through the crowded halls to get to her locker. She walked, picking up her pace because she knew she would be late for class. When she got to her locker, she found Riley already waiting for her to get there.

"Hey!" Riley said cheerfully.

"Hi." Danika replied sadly. She knew what this would be about.

"Oh my gosh! I heard that you're going to be training Landon, you're so lucky girl!" Riley said with excitement.

"Oh yeah, lucky me." She said sarcastically, getting her math book out of her locker.

"Girl, what's the matter with you! He's so cute! You better hook me up with him!"

"Riley, I won't see him for maybe two weeks or so."

"Two weeks? Try today! He didn't break anything, he thought he did, but he's just got a bad sprained ankle."

"Today?" Danika repeated with confusion.

"Yes, today!" Riley said but she was interrupted as the 1-minute warning bell rang.

"Crap, I gotta get my stuff, I'll talk to you later." Riley said as she hurried to the other hall to her locker. Danika walked slowly to class, Why did I agree to help him? She asked herself because she knew this would be a new challenge that she would not like at all.

After school, when Danika was walking to the weight- lifting room, Davina quickly ran up to her, "Danika, you're not going in there looking like that are you?"

"What's wrong with me?" Danika asked looking in the mirror.

"Here's a clue… you just came from gym!"

"Okay you're point? Listen you know I don't care what I look like? Especially since I am going to the weight-lifting room!" Danika replied, trying to ignore her friend.

"You've got issues..."

"Wow I'm glad someone thinks so highly of me!" Danika yelled as she rolled her eyes. She walked faster leaving Davina behind. When she came inside the weight-lifting room, Landon was already there, sitting on the table.

"Hi Landon." Danika said quietly as Landon looked up.

"Oh hey, you must be Danika, nice to meet you." Landon said sweetly extending his hand to her. She shook his hand as her eyes sparkled and a smile appeared on her face.

"What do you need?" She asked sweetly.

"Could you tape my ankle for me please?"

Danika smiled, as she took out the pre wrap, QDA, and tape. She set them on the table as she started tapping his ankle. During the whole time, she couldn't help but smile.

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