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[Chapter 2]

"Hey Danika, wait up!" Called Davina, Danika's best friend. She ran up to Danika's locker where she was putting all her stuff away.

"What's up?" Danika asked slamming her locker shot.

"Nothing, ready for the big game today?"

"I don't really care." Danika replied, sounding a little bit annoyed. She just came to school and she was already having a horrible day.

"Sorry I asked." Davina replied back as she turned around and headed away from Danika. Danika sighed heavily and began to walk to her first class. She wasn't feeling too well but she didn't mean to take out her anger on her best friend. She sat in her seat and got ready for class. The bell finally rang as everyone else walked in.

"Mr. Donovan, can you try to get here on time please? This is getting pathetic." The Math teacher said as he got ready to take attendance.

"Oh, sorry Mr. Grimes, this won't happen again." A smile hit Mr. Grimes' face. How could he even get mad at Landon? He was a good student and a wonderful person. Davina rolled her eyes as Landon and his clique sat down. If she was late, she would have gotten detention. She hated how teachers always played favorites with Landon. She had to admit though... He was pretty close to being perfect. He is good looking, jock, smart, popular... He was the guy that every girl dreamed of. Danika brushed her silky brown hair behind her ears as she spotted Riley putting her eyeliner on.

"Hey Riley, you think you have enough of that stuff on?"

"No, obviously I don't if Landon doesn't notice me!" She whispered. Danika laughed quietly as she began to take notes. She looked over at Landon, he was carefully paying attention to Mr. Grimes, his eyes never leaving the board. She looked at his friends who had their heads down on their desks, probably already fast asleep. She wondered how they could be friends with Landon, he was so different from them. Landon was no where close to being like them. Why he always buried himself in schoolwork and activities, made her wonder.

-- _ _ -- Later that night -- _ _ --

"GO RAIDERS!" The exciting crowd screamed from their bleachers. It was the Friday night soccer game, the hangout for all the teenagers. Danika and Davina were athletic trainers for the Soccer team. Though, Danika really didn't care much about soccer, she just needed an after school activity for her college application. She never was the type to care about sports, or anything that was school related.

The game had already begun and the crowd was on their feet as Landon, the captain of the soccer team ran with the ball for a score. "Look at him run, he's so damn fine!" Davina heard a bunch of girls say in the back. She defiantly agreed. The way he ran with that ball with so much passion made her want to run up there with him as well. Landon ran further when he suddenly tripped and fell coldly on the grass. He screamed in pain. He felt a bone crack when his body hit the ground. The pain suddenly becoming unbearable.

"Shit!" He yelled with all his teammates surrounding him. He held his ankle close to him.

"Landon, hold on son. We'll get you out of here." Couch Davidson said with worry as he called for a stretcher. Landon was put on a stretcher and was carried into an ambulance.

"Oh my gosh I hope he's going to be alright!" Riley cried as she hugged Danika.

"He will be fine Riley, you can go visit him in the hospital." Danika didn't understand why everyone was making such a big deal out of it. Many players had broken their ankles before but, since it was Landon Donovan who got hurt, the world was coming to an end. The game ended with many people upset, worried and some were even crying. Even though the Raiders won 3 to 1. Danika was in the school parking lot when Coach Davidson approached her.

"Danika, I need to ask you for a favor."

"Okay." She replied, wondering what he wanted to ask her.

"When Landon comes out of the hospital we need you to help him and lead him to recovery." Coach Davidson said. He knew he'd picked the right person. Danika was the type of girl that didn't join athletic training to get with the boys. She joined because she had a strong desire to.

"Uh sure..." Danika said slowly. She knew this would be a big responsibility but, she didn't even want to even work with Landon. He was probably too conceited and only talked about himself. But she couldn't say no to the couch.

"Great, thanks Danika." The coach said happily as he walked away. Danika sighed as she got into her car and sped away. On the way home she thought what it would be like working with Landon. Sure he was super cute and popular and every girl would want her spot but, she didn't know him that well and he wouldn't be a pleasant person to spend time with. When Danika got home, her mother immediately stopped her before she would run upstairs and lock herself in her room like she always did.

"Danika, let's have dinner." Her mother said sweetly trying to give Danika a hug.

Danika shook her head in full protest and she pushed her mother away.

"Honey, what is with you? Why do you always push me away?"

"After what you did, you still have the nerve to ask me why I'm always pushing you away? Jeez mother! I would have expected you to be a little bit smarter than that. But, unfortunately you're not. You want to know why I always push you away? Why I always treat you the way that I do?"

Her mother nodded her head slowly. Slowly taking in the words coming from her daughter's mouth.

"Maybe if you were actually there for me when I needed you the most. Not when you felt like it. You know what I'm talking about, so don't act like you have no clue."

"Danika. Honey I-"

"You know, I don't want to hear it... Just leave me alone!" She yelled, as she ran upstairs and slamming her bedroom door. She fell on her bed with tears rolling down her cold cheeks. She hated being at home. She hated her family and worst of all, she hated herself at times like these. She slowly walked to her full-length mirror and looked at her reflection. She looked at the mirror for no longer then 2 seconds when she collapsed on the floor, crying harder and harder while she slammed her bruised fists on the carpeted floor.

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