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[Chapter 10]

"Today is the day I finally win Landon back." Riley said with an evil smile upon her face. She continued putting on her make-up as her best friend, Leyla watched. Leyla shrugged because she knew Riley got whatever she wanted all the time.

"You do know that him and Danika are an item now, right?" Leyla asked Riley, who immediately rolled her eyes.

"Oh please, they won't be after tonight." Riley replied, fixing her hair. She wanted to look her best today for the party that she was having. She invited Landon and Danika to come along. Tonight will be the night they'll never forget she thought to herself as she pictured what the look on Danika's face would be.

"Well, whatever it is Riley, I'll bet my money on you any day. Plus that Danika girl is such a loser, she won't last." Leyla encouraged Riley. Riley was positive that her plan would work and she would finally get Landon back.


"Do I look all right?" Danika asked Davina who was putting on her makeup.

"Yeah, if you're going to church!" Davina explained. She wanted Danika to have a new look, a new style so she would feel better about herself. "Look, you have a great body, you're so skinny, you should be able to show it off girl. What about this?" Davina asked holding up a cute outfit that would outline her curves perfectly.

"I don't know, isn't it a little showy?" She asked. She wanted to look her best but she didn't want to come out a totally different person.

"No, it's perfect! You have to wear this!" Davina begged as Danika laughed at her. She knew that no matter how much she protested, Davina would always win.

"By the way, now since you and Landon are dating, wanna help me with Hayden?" Davina yelled to the bathroom where Danika was changing. Danika laughed as she was reminded about how much Davina liked Hayden. He was one of Landon's really good friends but he was a big player and Davina knew it.

"So let me get this straight, you're using mine and Landon's relationship to get to Hayden… I see how it is… BEST FRIEND." Danika replied. Davina laughed as she thanked God for her friend's recovery. She knew that it was mainly because of Landon, he was like her guardian angel, except he was living.

-- _ _ -- At the party -- _ _ --

"Did I ever tell you that you're the most beautiful girl in the world?" Landon complimented Danika as he looked in her eyes. They were shining, like real diamonds, except they were filled with happiness. They got out of the car and they found mostly everyone already at the party. It was wild, there were tons of people dancing, drinking and having fun.

"Hey Landon's here!" Abigail called as she came to greet Landon.

"Hey girl, what's going on?" Landon replied giving her a hug. Abigail was his best friend and he missed spending time with her.

"Danika, you looking good tonight." Abigail complimented her as she smiled shyly. Landon wrapped his hand around her tiny waist as they continued walking.

"Hey sweetie, how are you feeling?" Riley asked as she ran up to Danika. She gave her a quick hug and pretended to care about what Danika was saying.

"Hey Landon!" Riley smiled sweetly at Landon as she wrapped her arms around him. Danika didn't mind that they were hugging because she knew that they were just friends and Riley had no intentions to take him away from her, but she was wrong.

"I'll see you around…" Riley said as her voice trailed off. She winked at Landon and began to talk to another group of guys.

"It amazes me that no matter what that girl wears, she always looks so pretty." Danika told Landon.

"True but that doesn't matter because anything you wear, you always look ten times better than her." Landon replied.

Danika smiled as she kissed him on the cheek. She had the perfect boyfriend. She thanked God every day for bringing Landon into her life… she knew there was a reason for him being there but she couldn't figure out. Maybe God wanted her to be happy, or maybe God wanted him to be happy. She sighed as she squeezed his hand tightly. She never wanted him to leave her and she would never leave him. She looked around and spotted Davina talking to Hayden.

"Oh my gosh, look Landon, Davina is talking to Hayden… she's had a crush on him ever since I could remember!" Danika said with excitement. Her friend deserved someone but she wasn't sure Hayden deserved her. "He'll brake her heart though, when it comes to playing games, he should be in the hall of fame." Danika said sadly.

"Don't worry, Davina is a big girl she could figure it out." He replied as he drank his can of beer. "Wanna dance?" Landon asked Danika who was caught off guard.

"Dance? I'll be honored Mr. Donovan!" She laughed as they hit the dance floor.


"Abigail this better work!" Riley said to Abigail.

"Riley, chill, I got it all covered. By the way, what's in it for me?" She asked.

"What's in it for you? The fact that you get to help me, that's what's in it for you!" She replied angrily. She was upset because every time she looked in a different direction, she saw Landon cuddling with Abigail.

"He should be with me right now. Ugh… that little bitch. I mean look at her, since when does she wear tight clothes that reveal her skin. As far as I remember, baggy old T-shirts and nasty old pants were her thing." Riley complained to Abigail.

"You know, maybe you should let it go Riley, he looks pretty happy to me. Plus you got to admit they do look cute together!"

"Ugh Abigail… you are an ass, but that can wait because it's time to work my magic. Go do your thing and I'll do mine." Abigail agreed as she followed Leyla to find Danika. They searched around and finally found her dancing with Landon.

"Hey Danika, can I talk to you for a second, it's really important… you're the only person that can help." Leyla asked. Danika listened in full surprise because Leyla never actually talked to her ever but since she needed her help Danika agreed.

"I'll be right back Landon." Danika said as he let go of her. He decided to walk around the house to see if he can find Hayden and Davina. He went upstairs, passed all the closed doors. He finally reached an open door… "Hayden?" he called as he walked into a brightly colored room. Instead of Hayden or Davina he found Riley sitting on her bed crying.

"Riley, what's wrong?" Landon asked as he sat beside her. Riley wiped her fake tears off her perfect face and looked into his eyes. How she missed his gentle touch, his mysterious eyes and his soft lips.

"You know I'm just crying because I figured that I will never have you back in my life Landon and it hurts so much because I still love you. You mean the world to me Landon!" Riley cried. Landon looked down, hoping he wouldn't have to answer her. There was nothing he could do anymore; his heart belonged to Danika.

"Riley, I don't know what to say… you're a great girl you'll find someone else." He replied hoping she would listen to him.

Riley shook her head, "No, I won't but can you just do one more last favor for me, before I say good-bye to you forever?"

"Sure… anything."

"Will you kiss me, just one last time?"

"No, Riley, I can't… you know that." Landon protested, there was no way he could risk losing Danika.

"Landon please, it will mean nothing to you… you and I both know that, please, and I'll forget about you, please Landon!" She cried. Landon spotted those tears and he just couldn't say no. He knew he hurt Riley and it was the least he could do, and especially since it was just a friendly kiss.

"Okay." Landon whispered. Riley smiled, You fell in my trap Landon, now it's my time to shine she thought to herself. She moved closer as their lips met. There were no fireworks, no feeling at all for Landon, it was like kissing air. But for Riley, the magic still existed. She ran her hands through his soft hair when she heard loud sobs coming from the doorway. Landon heard them too and when he turned around, he saw Danika standing there with tears in her eyes with her hand over her mouth.

"Oh my God." Landon said to himself while Nicole smiled in happiness.

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