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Hidden Past

[Chapter 6]

The chemistry was incredible. Jazz music was playing in the background and there was just enough lighting for them just see each other but not the people around them. They sat in the corner close to each other just laughing and talking.

"I'm having really great time, are you?"

Lauren was afraid to admit but she was.

"Yes. This is also a great atmosphere."

"Maybe it's me but it's not just the atmosphere around us. I can tell you know that because I'm not paying attention to anything around me. I really like being with you, Lauren and I know it's only been one date but I feel like we've known each other for a while."

"That sounds like a line, if I've ever heard one. But I understand what you're saying. I like talking to you also."

She turned around and gestured to the waiter for the check. Out of nowhere Landon put his hand over Laurens' gently. Lauren quickly turned around to look at her hand and then looked up at Landon who was watching the jazz trio on stage. When the waiter came to give the check, it was the perfect excuse for Lauren to remove her hand to grab it but Landon was much quicker than her. He snatched the check from the table before Lauren could even bring her hand down.

"I've got it," he said.

"I asked you out, so I've got." Lauren leaned over to try to grab it back from him but he darted quickly out the way.

"No, let me be the gentlemen and do what's right, ok?"

"Fine, I get the tip though, no argument."

"Ok, ok."

Upon leaving club Lauren grabbed Landon by the arm as they walked out of the club. Landon gave the ticket to the valet to bring the car around.

"So…what do you want to do now?"

"Well we have to go back to my house anyway because your cars' in my driveway. So let's just go back there."


The drive back to the house was a talkative one and Landon and Lauren were getting along so well. They pulled up in front of Lauren's big mansion.

"Would you like to come in for a drink or maybe just to talk or something?"

"Sure I would love for you to show me around that large mall you call a home."

"Come on in. Give me your coat."

Lauren took his coat and laid it on one of the many chairs and sofas around the house. She showed the whole home in 30 minutes including the master bedroom which he begged to see.

"Wow, show me this room. Is this where you keep all your awards?"

"Oh God, you don't want to see this room it's not important. Let's go get a snack or something."

"No way, come on," Landon slipped open the door and looked around to see in much amazement the awards covering all the walls in the room. "This is a big deal Lauren."

"Well I've see it before so I'll meet you downstairs in the kitchen."

Lauren walked down the kitchen when the phone rings.


"Hello? Is it over already? I didn't except you to answer, I expected to get the answering machine."

"It's not over, he's over here right now, upstairs actually."

"He's there now! Is he going to spend the night?"

"No! We're just talking. Stop trying to start stuff."

"I think you should pounce on him as soon as you can before he leaves for San Jose again."

"You know what- okay he's coming I've gotta go."

Lauren quickly hung up the phone when Landon popped into the kitchen.

"Wow, this kitchen is quite massive. This is the kind house that they would show on MTV Cribs. Did I just pass a fountain? Anyway, I actually need to get going because I have to be back in S.J. by 11:00am tomorrow, but I would just like to say how much I really enjoyed myself tonight and I would like to see you again as soon as possible."

"I really enjoyed myself tonight, and I want to see you again too."

Landon grabbed her by the hand and pulled her closer to him.

"Is it okay if I kiss you?"

Lauren hesitated at first, not sure what to do, but her mouth already answered before she could think.


He bent over and kissed her softly on the mouth. Mesmerized, she found herself staring directly into his eyes like idiot. Finally, she shook it off and looked away, and when she realized she was still holding onto his hand she immediately dropped it.

"What's wrong, didn't like it?"

"No, it was fine. I just know that you have to leave now, that's all."

The two of them walked to the door when Landon turned to face her.

"Can I have your phone number because I still don't have it," he said with a big smile on his face.

She quickly wrote down her cell and home numbers on a piece of paper and handed it to him.

"Thank you, I'll call you babe."

He turned and walked down to his car while Lauren watched him from the door. She gave a quick wave as he drove off and turned to close the door. 'This can't be good. I'm starting myself back down a horrible road,' she thought to herself.

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