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Hidden Past

[Chapter 3]

Jennifer made Jared leave the game early so that Lauren wouldn't be hassled with a crowd of people asking for autographs.

"Alright we made it. J, we have to take Lauren home now," Jennifer said.

"Are you sure? Why don't we get a bite to eat before we disburse? I know this great sports bar that we can chill at. It'll be fun."

Jen turned to Lauren.

" Do you mind or do you still want us to drop you off?"

"Um, I guess, but only for a little while."

"That's good idea because I would really like to get to know you better," Steve chimed in.

Lauren sent a small smile his way and then slowly turned her face to Jennifer and mouthed the words 'I hate you'. After a 20 minute drive they entered a rowdy but cool sports bar called the Scoreboard. Lauren sat between Jennifer and Steve in a circular booth in the corner of the room. 60 inch T.V.'s filled the room showing all the different games of sports on that particular day. The waitress came over and asked for everyone's order meaning what they were having to drink tonight.

"We'll take a gin and tonic, a bloody Mary and two rum and cokes."

Ordering for everyone was something that Jennifer did often. She always knew what people wanted, Lauren thought.

Two hours later and only two drinks later, Lauren was very much ready to be taken home. She was through talking to Steve because he was too inebriated at the moment to actually have an intelligent conversation with.

"I think it's time to leave, I'm tired Jen," Lauren begged.

"Ok, let me just get the waitress back over here so I can pay for the drinks and pretzels."

"No, no, no, no, stay…" Steve said drunkenly. "The party is just about to start."

"No, I don't th-" Lauren was cut off by Jared's excitement.

"I can't believe this! Look at who just walked into the bar with some friends!"

Yes, Lauren could believe it. It was the dark haired guy from the soccer team. He was dressed in a red Nike shirt that said Team America on the back, khaki colored shorts that came past his knees and spotless red and white new Air Max Nike sneakers. He walked in and sat directly across the room from her and was facing her direction. Lauren immediately looked away and started talking to Jen rapidly about nothing so that she wouldn't stare at him.

"So maybe we can do something together tomorrow, don't you think," Lauren said quickly.

"Oh my God! I know why you talk like that when you do. It's because that soccer guy that just walked in is across the room? I knew you liked him when you saw him on that field."

"Whatever. Is he looking over here?"

"Actually he's walking over to the table."

"I hate you, you are such a liar, and you're mean."

"No, really, he's coming over here."

Before Lauren could even respond Landon was standing in front of her with the nicest smile on his face. He was even more beautiful in person. Dark curly hair, Californian tan, beautiful amber colored eyes, and beautiful kissy lips.

"Sorry to disturb you, but I just wanted to come over and meet you if I could because I'm a fan of you music. You have such a beautiful voice."

"Thank you very much, I thought you played very well today."

Jared quickly chimed in. "Me too, man. Is there any way I could get you autograph?"

"Sure, no problem."

Landon took a pen out of his pocket and signed a 'Scoreboard' napkin for Jared with a personal message. Lauren noticed that right away. He didn't just sign his name he actually wrote the person's name down and then wrote something to them so it couldn't be for anyone else but them.

"Thanks a lot, man, I really appreciate it."

"You were at the game today, huh, no one mentioned it," Landon said looking at Lauren.

"I was hiding out."

"Tell him how cute you think he is and if he's single," Jennifer whispered but said loud enough for Landon to hear.

"Will you shut up?!" Lauren screeched through closed teeth.

"Thank you I'm flattered, and I'm single, how about you?"

Lauren rolled her eyes. "No boyfriend here, don't mind her though she's a little buzzed. She'll say anything with a little alcohol in her. It was nice meeting you though."

"Oh, wow, you don't even want to talk to me, that's fine I know when I'm not wanted," he joked.

"No, it's not that at all."

"Hey wait just a minute here, I thought it was going be you and me babe," Steve slurred drunkenly.

"Be quiet Steve, I don't even know you. What is wrong with you people tonight? Please never drink again."

"Well I know this is weird seeing that we don't know each other, but is it okay if I could call you?" Landon smiled.

"How could you call me if you have no phone number to call," she snapped back.

"I was hoping that you would write it down for me."

"I don't give out my phone number, why don't you just give me your phone number and we'll see, ok?"

"That's fine, here it is."

He pulled the pen out from his baggy pocket again, wrote his number on a napkin, and then handed it to her.

"My cell number's on there too, I just hope you don't throw that out when I walk away or when you get home. It was nice meeting you again."

He smiled at her and then walked away.

"Wow, he really likes you, he thinks your special, hehehe," Jennifer sung.

"Take me home, you've done enough damage for tonight, and damnit get Steve off me!"


"Wake up, Steve!" Jennifer screamed.

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