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Bad Luck

[Chapter 4]

(Scene: The Day After The Break up)

So Landon & Jessica broke up yesterday. It put a gloom on both of there lifes that day. Now its Saturday. Usally they both have plans for the day, but today they just aren't the same. Landon just woke up. Hes got a soccer to be at in an hour. His mom walks into his room as Landon rolls back over to trying to get more sleep in.

" Come on Landon. Sweety wake up. Get outta bed Landon, you got a game to be at soon! You need to get up if you plan to do good and be there on time."

Landon rolls over and looks at his mom, who has a caring smile on her face.

"Mom let me sleep. I didn't get much sleep last night. Just let me sleep ok?" Landon says grumply.

"Sorry Landon, your nothing to give me this adittude, not today. Now get up before I drag you out of bed. I have your breakfast downstairs. So get up and go eat." Landons mom walks over to the window and opens the blinds. The sun shines right in his eyes. She walks out of the room and he sighs. Landons mom meets up with his dad down stairs.

"Somethings wrong with him. He has't been like this since he brother up with Lindsey. You don't think he and Jessica broke up do you?..He was so siked for this game..and now..hes not." She looks at Landon's father with worried eyes.

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