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Bad Luck

[Chapter 3]


Its early morning. Everyone is just arriving at school. Landon is sitting down at his bench. The bench he and his friends always are at. Landon gets up to throw something away…

" Hey guys, you any more of this? If not im gunna throw it away."

He looks at his friends as they all give him there way of saying no. So he turns around and throws it away. Just before he turns he feels someone poke his stomach. He turns around quickly and smiles.

"Hey Jessica baby."

He throws his arms around her and gives her a kiss.

"So whats happening? How come you weren't at my game  yesterday?"

Jessica's no expression changes into a pissed expression.

" Landon, I was at your g…"

Just then Jessica is interrupted by someone calling Landon. Jessica turns and looks at who it is and sees Jennifer calling Landon. Jessica grabs Landon by the arm and whips him around. He turns and stares at her.

"What was that for?"

Landon stares at Jessica confused. Jennifer stops in her tracks and watches whats going to come down from a distance.

"Landon, like I was saying, I was at your game! I was there, I saw your goal. I saw you looking at Jennifer after you scored your first game. I saw you flirting with Jennifer, but you know what I didn't see? I didn't see you notice me there."

Landon raises an eyebrow.

" I don't know what your talking about, but can we talk about this in private, please?"

Jessica shakes her head.

"No Landon, we can't talk about this in private, know why? Cause as of right now, we won't be talking much at all. If you wanna flirt with Jennifer? Then go right ahead cause of right now you no longer have a girlfriend!"

Landon stares at her in total confusion. Jennifer covers her mouth as her jaw drops.

" Wait a second, just because I noticed her, and waved to her or "flirted" with her in anyway doesn't mean I would rather chose her over you! But you know what, no, maybe your right, maybe I do want her. But you know what if you honestly get pissed off over my flirting with someone else, when I didn't, then I can't handle having you as a girlfriend anyways!"

Jessica's eyes begin to tear up as she runs off. Landon grabs his shit and walks off to his class. Everyone is speechless. The couple that was together for the longest time has just broke up. Jennifer smirks as she see's the scene that just happened. She then walks off as the bell rings for everyone to get to class.

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