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Bad Luck

[Chapter 2]


It's a bright sunny day. About 3:00 and school has just been let out. Down at the soccer field you hear a whistle blow and the figures of guys starting to move begin.

Jessica (Landon's girlfriend) is just sitting down in the stands and getting settled to watch her boy play. She looks down to the right and see's a group of girls from the girls soccer team sit down. One of them look down her direction. She waves happily, well sort of making fun of Jessica. Jessica is always so perky and joyful. Loves everyone, and thinks everyone loves her. The girl who waves to Jessica turns her attion to her boyfriend who has just happened to show up. Jessica rolls her eyes knowing of the type of wave the chick just gave her, she then turns back toward the field to watch the game. She feels a hand on her shoulder and jumps. She turns to find her best friend, Michelle, standing behind her smiling. Michelle takes a seat next to Jessica and begins a conversation.

"Hey chicka, what's up? Did I scare you that much or what?"

Jessica stares down at the group of girls and points.

"You see that girl over there? Jennifer, Jennifer Ray. Gosh she's really starting to bother me."

Jessica stares at Michelle.

"Jen, she's in my math class. She's the caption of the varsity girl's soccer team. She's only a junior too. She's going with Steven Montanez…"

Jessica interfers.

"What? What Steven? Steven, the caption of the football team? What the hell is he doing with her?"

Michelle shrugs.

"I don't know. I really don't care either…"

Michelle's voice is drowned out by the cheers of the fans, in the stands. Jessica and Michelle immediately look down at the field. Landon just scored and they are showing there support. Michelle and Jessica soon join in.

"Man Michelle, I missed his goal!"

Jessica sighs and watches him run down the field. Landon looks through the stands, and stops at the girl's soccer team. He walks somewhat closer and points to Jennifer he says something and points to her and winks. Jennifer smirks, nods, and then winks back. Jessica can't believe he just did what he did. She grabs all of her things and storms off. Michelle looks down at them as Jen looks her way. She smiles and Michelle turns from her and runs over to Jessica.

"Jess…come on Jessica wait up!"

Michelle finally catches up.

"Why are you leaving so early? The game just started."

Jessica looks at Michelle.

" Are you serious? Did you not just see that bit of flirting? I mean he didn't even notice me. I just noticed Jen. I know theres something going on between them. I mean they've been seeing a lot of each other. I mean…varisty guys do practice with the varisty girls sometimes right? That's how he noticed me. When I watching on of his games. He did the same exact thing. It seems like to me that he wants to break up after 5 months!.."

Michelle pushes Jessica lightly.

"Shut up! Your mumbling. You have no clue what your talking about. Just go on home, and think about all of this. You'll see your over reacting alright? Now go."

Michelle pushes Jessica lightly again and walks off in a different direction. Jessica storms off.

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