The following are birthday wishes from Landon's fans as well as myself. These were the only ones I could collect in 3 days! Kinda my fault for the late notice to all fans. :o) *NOTE: I didn't put everyone's names next to each comment cuz not everyone had put their names into the email, so I put part of their email addresses.

» Best wishes to you and your sister on turning 21. Hopefully, you'll have a great, memorable birthday, spending it with the ones you love (hopefully with your sister!)... lol. May you have many more birthdays to come and many more years to play the game you love as I will try my best to keep this site running as long as I can. God Bless! [Tiffany Kong aka Webmasta Tiff]

» Landon, Happy 21st birthday I wish you the best birthday ever! You are the best soccer player keep up the good work! [Aura]

» Happy birthday, Landon! Finally the big 2-1!! Whoo Hoo!! Hope you get to go out and have some fun - and it's on Mardis Gras too!! Good luck this season. I know you'll do great and so will the Quakes cuz you just keep getting better and better!! [Hytowers]

» landon I luv ya and you kick butt in soccer! have a really happy birthday! [Brittany]

» Landon, Hey there! Happy 21st birthday, don't party TOO much!! lol. We all hope you and your sis have a great day! Hey doesn't Tiff do an awesome job with this site!? ;) talk to ya soon [Steph Miene]

» Happy B-day, Landon! Hope your day is filled with all the stuff you want (I hope winning the MLS cup this season is included! Can't bear to see my Quakes not win it!) and may you have much more success and happiness (and stay here in the U.S. promoting the sport that I love so much - make us proud!...) for many, many years to come! Try not to eat too much cake, drink too much (although, turning 21, it's very, very tempting...) and party as much as you can (as long as it doesn't interfere with your game!) Tristan, happy birthday to you too! Hope you have a fantastic day, take care of your brother and yourself, and may you have many more wonderful birthdays! I would say I'm Landon's number 1 fan, but I think you and your mother take that title, lol! Peace! YNWA!! - Lots of love from a very devoted fan: Estela

» Hey Landon, If your reading this happy 21st Birthday!!! Hope your have a great day, and just wanted to let you know your an awesome soccer player! [Stephanie]

» HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY LANDON AND TRISTAN!! I'm Cristina from all the way in Honduras, and I hope you guys have a wonderful day! God Bless You! P.S. Landon, I wrote you a letter to the Earthquakes about 2 months ago!.. I hope you get to read it soon!! ;) Take Care!

» A "big happy birthday to Landon" from his Fan Shannon Dawn Vickers in Canada, and I look forward to seeing him at the San Jose game in October of 2003 or August 2003

» To Landon Donovan: We would like to wish you a very happy 21st birthday, and good luck on your MLS season! [Meghan Foley and Ariel Loring]

» Happy birthday LD! Now that you have become a legal 21 year old, there will be no more cracking jokes about attending bars. Your older and will take on more responsiblities (like gambling) in life and on the field. You are one year closer to Bianca's age (haha) and won't be the young one of soccer anymore (esp. with that freddie adu kid around). I hope you have a wonderful day on 03/04/03, enjoying it to the fullest. Keep your priorities straight and celebrate the feeling of waking up and saying "I am 21". Happy birthday to Tristan too! [Stanford_Star5]

» Hi. I just wanted to wish Tristan and Landon a wonderful birthday filled with special memories. =) [Maggie]

» hey i wanna wish landon a VERY very happy birthday! He deserves it! Also thanks Landon for inspiring me to be the best i can be, although I no longer play soccer I look up to you and dedicate my time in another sport, lacrosse. So thanks! Happy Birthday! go go go go go landon it's your birthday gonna party like it's your birthday... (good song) [Steph]

» Happy Birthday Landon, we love you! *Can you also include this link to a thread about Landon's Survival of the Sexiest?I would like him to see it, because alot of these people have really worked hard to bump Landon up from the bottom of the list over the past month!!!!! With their help we moved him from the bottom 2 up 5 spots!!!! Vote! [Alysarynar]

» I hope you have a great 21st birthday and you have many more happy birthdays to come. I wish you all the success in the world for what is and will be a fantastic career in soccer (or as we call it in England football) Happy birthday! [Amy]