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Aww Yeah!
September 2002
YM Magazine

Name: Landon Donovan

Where You've Seen Him: As the star of the scrappy U.S. soccer team at the World Cup, cutie Landon been everywhere—the cover of Sports Illustrated, Late Show With David Letterman, and in that ubiquitous Nike commercial. Landon, 20, is also the forward for the San Jose Earthquakes.

Why We Picked Him: He and teammate Brian McBride were the first Americans to score twice in one World Cup tournament since 1930. But we were more impressed when Landon ripped off his jersey after hitting the ball into the cage for a winning goal against Mexico. Soccer players sure like to get naked.

Better Than Ritalin: The Redlands, CA, native started playing soccer when he was 5. "I was hyperactive," he says. "My mom put me in soccer just to get energy out of me."

His Say Anything Story: "Last year in the league final, I got dragged down. My shorts came down but not off, though at the time I thought I was fully exposed. I wasn't wearing any underwear, so it could've been a very bad moment." Speak for yourself.

Nonathletic Hobbies: "I like to collect coins," he says. He also mentioned that he enjoys flirting. Aww yeah!

— Martine Bury

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