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These are just some articles that I thought were very much worth reading. It's not that Landon isn't worth reading, but there are so many articles that I just thought I'd share these with you all.

2003 Articles
»April 2003 A Power Teammate (Round Not Oval/
»2003 Q&A w/ Landon Donovan (Soccer Now Mag. / AYSO)
»February 2003 6 star couples, 72 secrets (Glamour Mag)

2002 Articles
»December 2002 More With Landon Donovan: January 2003 (AOL Q & A)
»12-23-02 Chat wrap: Landon Donovan (Chat)
»12-23-02 Donovan's Day Out
»12-18-02 MLS Teleconference Call
»12-18-02 Donovan happy to stay in the USA
»12-17-02 Donovan's priorities are right
»12-17-02 Donovan the hope of a sport
»11-03-02 Soccer star enjoys day in Redlands
»November 2002 A Chat With the Breakout Star of This Year's World Cup (Interview)
»10-08-02 Landon Donovan named U.S. Player of the Year
»09-25-02 Crosshairs: Landon Donovan
»09-01-02 Soccer's Poster Boy Landon Donovan
»08-21-02 Quakes' Donovan has star quality (Q&A w/ Landon)
»August 2002 Talking shop with Landon Donovan
»07-31-02 The Pursuit of Happiness
»07-29-02 Donovan: ‘I’m Loyal’
»07-24-02 Donovan in the spotlight
»07-18-02 Success is a wake-up call for Landon Donovan
»07-18-02 American idol: Landon Donovan's star keeps rising
»Summer/Fall 2002 Landon Donovan: Kickin Back With Soccer’s Young Gun
»07-17-02 AOL Live Chat with Landon Donovan (Chat)
»07-14-02 Quakes take the 'SAT'
»07-11-02 If anyone can make soccer cool in America , it's San Jose Earthquake Landon Donovan
»07-11-02 Donovan wants to stick with San Jose
»07-11-02 Earthquakes Forward Landon Donovan Conference Call Quote Sheet
»07-11-02 Donovan Bags the ESPY for Soccer's Best
»07-2002 World Cup Q&A
»06-23-02 Donovan's return to Leverkusen not a foregone conclusion
»06-23-02 U.S. team sets framework for success
»06-21-02 Donovan impressive in first Cup
»06-19-02 Landon Donovan: "If we play well, we can beat them"
»06-19-02 Fear factor? Not with the kids
»06-17-02 Budweiser Man of the Match 53, MEX:USA - Landon Donovan
»06-06-02 Landon Donovan: All grown up
»06-02-02 Donovan's experiences overseas make U.S. success all the sweeter
»05-09-02 No8: Landon Donovan, USA
»04-17-02 Donovan finds his feet
»04-12-02 Landon Donovan: Nice & Easy
»04-2002 Landon Had to Raise His Grades to Rise to Stardom
»04-06-02 Donovan may cut MLS career short
»03-06-02 Donovan wants to show rest of world his talents

2001 Articles
»12-30-01 Donovan goes from young phenom to pro star
»10-25-01 Landon Donovan, 19, emerged as the Man as San Jose won the MLS title
»2001 Interview W/ Landon Donovan
»09-24-01 Donovan still a soccer prodigy Quakes forward a sensation at 19
»07-28-01 Donovan's Four Highlights 6-6 Draw
»05-20-01 Donovan Finds the Net
»04-16-01 U.S. star leaves Bayer Leverkusen after two frustrating years on the bench.
»04-04-01 New addition to MLS' Quakes aims for playoffs in 2001 (Chat)
»03-30-01 Landon Donovan: On finding his way to San Jose
»03-29-01 Donovan joins San Jose
»03-09-01 Donovan sets sights high as budding star of American program.
»02-07-01 All Landon Wants Is to Play

1999-2000 Articles
»12-13-00 Donovan ponders his future with Leverkusen, U.S. training invitation.
»11-13-00 Landon Donovan: 'It Has to Help You'
»10-05-00 Definitely disappointed
»09-28-00 U.S. star says American soccer is not far behind Europe (Chat)
»09-27-00 Not my best game
»09-24-00 Two wins from gold
»09-21-00 We want to win gold
»09-17-00 Put me in coach, I'm ready to play
»09-16-00 I will be ready!
»09-13-00 I really want to have fun here
»09-01-00 Olymic Soccer: Landon Donovan Chat
»05-26-00 Landon Donovan Receives a Real Education
»11-15-99 Donovan: 'When we're together, we're all one'

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